Drink Mixer

Aside from the food that you serve, the drinks also matter when you have guests coming in for dinner, lunch, or special occasions. More often than not, hosts usually serve sodas, punch, juices, and alike whenever they have parties. These drinks are very common. Although there is nothing wrong with serving a bunch of kid drink and cubes of ice, don’t you think that you need something extra to make your party even more memorable and fun?

It’s not about adding banners and forcing people to play games that they do not like. A great party is made out of unlimited foods that people can munch on and beverages to gulp. The best way to serve the thirst quenchers in an extraordinary way is to use the aid of a drink mixer.

A drink mixer is a kitchen tool that would help you create a well-blended liquid such as alcoholic beverages, milk, coffee, and more. You can also create fresh yogurt shakes right in your home just by using this sleek kitchen equipment. Think of the drink mixer as a smaller version of your blender. However, this small appliance is just more stylish, slim, and gives you more than just blending and creating smoothies. You could also use the drink mixer for pancakes and create fluffy omelets at the same time.

This small appliance must be plugged in electric socket before you can use it. But it would only consume little energy since it would take only a few seconds before you can serve the beverage. Aside from that, the motor power of these drink mixers are usually low. So you do not have to worry about the energy consumption even if you use it to serve drinks to your guests the whole day or let them do it for them selves instead.

More often than not, these drink mixers are made from stainless steel and durable materials. Therefore it would definitely last for a long time and can be used for as long as you want. It is also unlikely for the drink mixers to be rusted because of the materials that it is made of. Some units are made from stainless steel starting from the holder, to the blender, and even its cup. But there are also some drink mixer models that have parts that are made from high-quality plastics as well.

When buying a drink mixer, see to it that the stainless mug is included. These are special mugs or cups are the special vessels where your drink mixers can work on. The size and the shape of the cup depend on the size and capacity of your drink mixers. There are cups that can hold as much as 28 ounces while others can hold more. Afterwards just simply transfer the contents in a different serving container or you may directly use the cup if you like. If you want a hot fluffy milk, just use the drink mixer and put the cup at the microwave as soon as you’re done. The cup can also be placed at the freezer if you want a nice cold smoothie.

But if you think that a single cup or serving is not enough for you and your family or just want to create more than 1 serving at a time, there are also some drink mixers that have three blenders and three cups in one machine.

The drink mixers are available in different colors, especially if it is made from plastic, so it could match the theme of your kitchen. But classic drink mixers can be usually found only in two shades – black and white. There are also all-chrome models for that sleeker look. You don’t have to save a huge space for this one simple yet functional appliance. It just measures 5 to 7 inches wide and only costs $40 to $70 per unit.

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