Downdraft Gas Cooktop

If you have limited space, downdraft gas cook tops will be the perfect fit. If you are on a budget it will also be best to purchase a cheap gas cook top since they are a lot cheaper than buying a full “hood” setup. Although gas cook tops may not have the most efficient and effective exhaust system, they are better than having no smoke fan at all. These systems are much more useful in large kitchens and in restaurants than in your average household kitchen.

If you currently live in a small apartment or unit, then these might do a poor job of ventilating your home when cooking fried foods, fish, or any other meal that requires a frying pan. However, if you have a nice sized kitchen with plenty of space and air flow, then you’ll be able to make use of a downdraft gas cook top because tie currents will force the smoke and exhaust into the ducts.

Before I get too far though, let me clarify what it is we’re talking about when I say downdraft gas cook top. That is a normal question asked by many people, since this type of cooktop is new on the market and it’s still gaining traction. These do not have a full classic hood with a 100% exhaust system to withdraw smoke as you cook, but they use another method, which is to bring the air and smoke downward into the system.

How does it work? They work in a way that once used, the smoke that comes from the cooking is sucked back down, hence its name downdraft. Once the smoke goes up in the air, the downdraft sucks it back down pushing it to the tube included in the system once you purchase it, and pushes it through your house via a vent. The downside to these products is it is less effective in getting rid of smoke compared to a full range cook top, additionally they are also less attractive then induction cook tops.

If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, you can pick up a nice downdraft gas cook top for $200 USD, which is a very good deal, however the more you spend like anything the better you will receive, make sure you try out the item before you purchase it to see if you like it, and picture the vent being used in your living facility.

Why would you want one of these? Well, they are great in areas where you simply don’t have room for a full hood, or if you need a smaller oven/cook top. They are also perfect in shared living spaces and in new kitchens which might not have a vent above your range.

Installation is pretty easy but if you are unsure on how to use these, it is always best to contact a professional so you will have no leaks in the tube of the cooking system. If you think that downdraft gas cook tops are for you, then make sure you research the item very well, you don’t want to be wasting your money.

I personally have found the Viking VGSU161 downdraft gas cook top to be the best value for your money, this one is quite expensive currently valued at $1,000 US. I know that may seem like a lot, but this one is as professional as they come. The standard air vent that pumps the smoke downwards has a wider spread and allows a lot more to be pushed through saving your house a lot of odor, smoke, and grease going everywhere. Additionally it’s very easy to clean and you can cook for many people on it, which will be great when you have a big group of family or friends come over for dinner, which I’m sure will happen once they know you’ve got one of these awesome cook tops.

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