Downdraft Cooktop

Island kitchens are very popular nowadays, and they are indeed very practical and elegant looking. The great thing about the type of stove used in a island kitchen design is how it allows for additional room for preparing you meals, and it even promotes social interaction as you can gather your friends around the stove while you’re cooking. As you might know, there’s also a problem with this type of kitchen, since the stove isn’t usually a full-featured appliance, in the sense doesn’t allow installing a standard vent hood to clear the fumes released from your cooking.

There are two common ways to solve this problem: by installing an overhead hood or a downdraft cooktop. If you value aesthetic appeal and you will probably want to get a downdraft cooktop. This innovative appliance is getting widely used, especially in modern kitchens. It allows clearing the fumes and odors released from cooking, while occupation virtually no room in the area surrounding the stove. Using a downdraft venting system will make your kitchen look strikingly elegant and fashionable, and it will simultaneously make it look more spacious and add a noticeable sense of openness. Additionally, a downdraft cooktop will work just as nicely as a standard vent hood – provided you choose the right model, of course.

What is different about downdraft cooktops?
Downdraft cooktops are quite distinct because they don’t add unnecessary clutter to your kitchen, thus adding a sense of openness and modernity. These innovative cooktops can be just as efficient as a standard vent hood, but they are definitely more discreet. Your downdraft cooktop will easily suck the fumes and vapor with a fan and send them outside the house. The pipe system can either run down through the center of the stove, or be installed separately, aside from it. In both situations, it will do a brilliant job at minimizing the smells and vapors released from the stove into the kitchen. Downward stoves offer a remarkably elegant fume exhaust solution, since they can be completely unobtrusive and discreet when they’re not being used.

How to choose a good downdraft cooktop
It goes without saying how downward cooktops are more space-efficient by nature. But if you want to make sure your stove is also efficient removing fumes and smells from the environment, you should make sure to choose a good model, such as the ones with gathered in this review page. Also, you should keep in mind the size of your stove will influence the size of the downdraft you have to get. It should ideally run six inches wider on both sides, compares to the burners on the stove. This is quite important in choosing the right downdraft cooktop for your island stove: make sure the downdraft is quite a bit wider than the burners, since it should ideally cover the space occupied by the pots in your stove, as to encompass all the area into which the vapors get released.

Many people don’t believe that a downdraft cooktop can be as efficient as a traditional uprising vent hoot. And the reason why actually does make good sense, since all hot air fumes indeed rise upwards as well. However, just as long as your downdraft has a sufficiently powerful fans (all the models in this page do), it will pick up the vapors that get released even from your tallest cookouts. So another important consideration in choosing a downdraft cooktop that does the job is making sure it has a powerful fan that will be able to snag vapor from a good distance. Also, when you’re cooking in a stove that relies on this kind of ventilation, you should be mindful to center the pots on the burners, so they don’t block the airway on either side.

Advantages of downdraft cooktops
Asides from the obvious advantage – added elegance and allowing to have a clear space above your stove, downdraft cooktops actually have another advantage that’s quite enticing: they actually tend to be less expensive that traditional fume hoods… provided of course, you do not already have an overhead hood, otherwise removing the existing system will obviously increase the transition costs.

If you’re redecorating your kitchen or planning a new kitchen, installing a downdraft cooktop is probably your best choice. Your kitchen will look much better, you’ll be able to install a source of light or other elements of decoration in the space above your stove, and your kitchen will seem much larger and modern. You just need to remember what’s most important in choosing a downdraft cooktop: choosing a model with a powerful fan, and make sure it’s a fair bit wider than your burners.

If you are not sure which is the right model for you, this website should help you make an informed decision. If you’d like to make some questions or ask for more information, make sure to contact us anytime, we’ll be glad to help.

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