Double Wall Oven

Buying a new oven can be a difficult task. There are endless choices and many designs that could interest you. One of the more interesting designs would be the double wall oven. This is not only a visually appealing oven, but it is also a very convenient oven that makes cooking much easier. You have the choice between a single wall oven and a double wall oven. While a double wall oven may be more expensive, it is generally a better deal as you will have two ovens instead. This will open you up to be able to do much more than you normally would be able to do with a single oven. Also, about half of the people that invest in a wall oven set up will purchase a double wall oven instead of a single wall oven.

What To Know When Buying A Wall Oven
Going into a store and blindly picking a double wall oven is not recommended. While there are a limited amount of brands producing this particular style of oven, you still want to get the most out of your money. The best way to do so is to research the product you are interested in. In this case, you will want to research the brand name behind the oven, and look for any information (hopefully reviews) on the specific model of oven that interests you.

Wall ovens are not uncommon at all in kitchens any more. For those that are still looking to make the upgrade though, you should consider which model to purchase based on a number of factors. You will want to consider the following: size, additional features, whether it is a standard or convection design, and the reputability of the brand name.

When installing a double wall oven you will most likely have to install it directly into your wall. A single wall oven opens you up to more possibilities though as you may have a large cabinet, or cupboard, that you could install the wall oven into.

Wall Oven Design
You will also want to know the basics of the design for wall ovens. The first thing you should know is that these ovens do not use ranges that are common in normal ovens, but rather they have a cooktop instead.

Electric wall ovens will consist of an element located at the bottom of the oven, and an element located at the top of the oven. Convection wall ovens have some advantages over electric wall ovens as they are better for baking. Convection ovens are also faster at roasting food which allows you to keep the juice in the meat and gives you the best taste possible when consumed. Alternatively, you could also purchase gas wall ovens as well.

Single Wall Oven vs. Double Wall Oven
When deciding whether to purchase a single or double wall oven you will have to factor in a few things. The most important thing to consider would be the amount of room you have for the oven. If you have a cabinet or plan to install it under a cupboard then you may be limited in space. If this is the case then you will want to measure the open area and determine which models of wall ovens you can install in that area.

The size of a wall oven will vary depending on the style (electric or convection). An electric oven fits best in a cabinet ranging from 27” to 30”. A gas oven fits best in a cabinet ranging from 24” to 30”. The actual measurements will vary mostly depending on the specific model and the design of it.

Ultimately, the main benefit of having a double wall oven is the extra cooking space it provides. If you can live with a single oven then you may not want to make the extra investment. However, if you have the budget for purchasing a double wall oven and you have the room in your kitchen, then go for it.

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