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A DJ headphone set is kind of like a status symbol for the DJ, it may not be completely necessary but it sure looks amazingly cool. Being a DJ, is like being a rock star, it’s not only about the music that you spin it’s about the attitude and style that you portray.

That’s why finding the right DJ headphones for the individual is extremely important. As a DJ pleasing the audience visually and with your own passion for the music is critical, it can help you get more gigs too. What would you think about a DJ that shows up to a gig and all he has is a worn out old pair of really low end headphones?

No matter how awesome of a DJ that guy is you’re not going to “buy it”. Image matters. This is the world of the party maker, this is Hollywood, baby doll…this is not the world of stocks and bonds. Now if that same cat walked into a club with a truly phat set of headphones that look straight out of the movie Dazed and Confused, then that DJ is going to get some props. Really, image is everything in the DJ world. Yeah, I know the music matters, but image is critical.

A DJ headphone set is as important as his DJ equipment, these are his (or her) tools of the trade, they’re like a DJ’s babies, dude. These are like a painters paints, they’re an extension of the craft of the music that is produced.

Also, a truly phat set of headphones have the hi-fi quality that a DJ needs to be able to hear all those things that most people can’t hear…all the subtle tonal differences in the music, the levels, the mix, the EQ. Sure, all that junk doesn’t register for the average music listener, but it adds so much to the music that they’ll feel it for sure. And some of the aficionados will certainly be able to hear all the nuances in tone quality that the DJ is honing in one.

Let’s talk about great brands of DJ headphones – in any discussions of headphone brands you’re going to have to talk about Sony, AKG, and Pioneer. These are the top large brands, although there are some smaller brands that exist, that produce ultra-high quality, these are pretty niche brands and you’d have to search high and low for these products, that’s why it’s best to discuss the bigger brands, they’re just easier to deal with.

AKG headphones will range from budget models, to mid-range models, to the very high end. That seems to be the way that brands like to segment their products these days. Since AKG is a nice brand, you’re not going to find any headphones for under about $30…and these headphones are really only for personal listening, not for recording or listening to playbacks at the club.

It order to break into a real DJ headphone set you’re going to be looking at spending around $80 to $100 or more, but it’s definitely worth it. And remember all of these sets will have fairly extensive warranties, if your paranoid about them breaking then try to get an extended warranty. A good model in this price range would be the — AKG K 518 LE model, which retails for around a cool “hondo”. Anything over $150 is going to be very premium quality.

Comfort is a huge factor when looking into getting a great pair of DJ headphones, so take a look at Pioneer’s upper end stuff, they’re really nice. Most of them will have leather, and foldable universal joints for that super cool DJ look. You can comfortably rest them on your shoulder and listen with one ear while the other hear monitors the crowd. This way you’re able to perform the true duties of a DJ – that of party maker and crowd pleaser, it’s a winning combination. A pair of these quality headphones will go for about $170 or so, they’re not cheap… but if you’re a pro…or a “rising star” then you’re going to want to at least have a look at these babies.

In the end, it’s true – yes, you really do need super cool DJ headphones to “rock the mic” as a pro DJ. Don’t let any haters tell you differently. Play on brothers and sisters, and stay cool.

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