Dirt Devil Vacuum

In 1984 a group of investors bought a company that was making vacuum cleaners that had changed hands several times. They later released a new line of hand held vacuum cleaners called Dirt Devils. They were immediately popular with consumers. They were great to use when cleaning stairs and in automobiles. Since then their have been various Dirt Devil Vacuum cleaners models developed. You can purchase a Dirt Devil vacuum at major retail stores and from various online vacuum cleaner websites online. The original Dirt Devil Vacuum is famous for its red and black coloring, but they also have models for sale now in other colors. They are well known for their durability, quality and reliability. Every model has been engineered to meet a variety of cleaning environments. They also come with various tools and accessories to help clean in all areas of the home. Whether you are cleaning up the interior of a car or truck, animal hair, stairways or dander you can always find a dirt Devil vacuum that is just right for the situation. Every Dirt Devil vacuum is easy to maintain and the parts and bags for all their models are readily available in retail stores everywhere.

One of the more innovative and least expensive Dirt Devil vacuum models is the Electric Broom Stick model. It is fast and easy to use. It sucks up the dirt as you sweep. These do not have a cord because they are battery operated and their easy portability makes them very popular with consumers. For quick clean ups the Electric Stick model is great. They have a 9-3/5 volt motor and a 10 inch cleaning path. They are great for use on any hard floor surface. This particular model also has a 2 year warranty. There are also various other stick vacuums made by Dirt Devil as well.

There are other heavier duty upright and canister Dirt Devil vacuums available today that have the latest vacuum technologies built into them. The new technologies help reduce fine dust particles and pathogens that are normally associated with vacuuming. The Dirt Devil filter system helps to protect from allergies since the dust particles are not released back into the air in your home. One Dirt Devil vacuum that is an upright model is the Wide Glide Vision bagless vacuum. This model is a really reliable vacuum that is sold at a reasonable cost. It has an extra wide nozzle and a 12 amp motor. It sells for around $60. It also has a rubber scuff guard that is easy on furniture and walls that you may bump into with it. The attachments help you clean the couch, drapes, and other hard-to-reach places. This model is also able to be used on hardwood floors.

The Dirt Devil 082700 Vision Turbo vacuum cleaner is a canister model that has a four star rating. This canister model is very reasonably price as well at around $150 and is a compact canister model. You can move it around easily since it only weighs 10 lbs. It has a small canister that may be smaller than you may be used to but its size makes it easy to use. It has more than adequate suction power and cleans both hardwood floors and carpet. It comes with various attachments for those hard to reach places as well. It also uses a replaceable HEPA filter which other vacuums in the same price range do not use. Dirt Devil sells a complete range of vacuum cleaners. From the various hand held models, to the electric broom models all the way up to large canister models. Whatever you cleaning needs are, there is a Dirt Devil vacuum that can handle it.

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