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There are so many uses for a digital recorder that it is hard to know where to begin. For one, they are excellent for recording classes in high school and college. Secondly, meetings are a breeze with the ability to record appointments. Just be sure no matter where you use your recorder that your boss or teacher knows that you are recording. Musicians also can benefit from having a handy digital recorder on hand. Writers and entrepreneurs can have a place to write their thoughts without the awkward pen and paper.

There are all kinds of things to consider before purchasing a digital recorder. What do you need it for? This will influence your decision, as will factors such as built-in memory, battery requirements and microphone placement, number and flexibility. You also will need to know if you require an additional hard drive. Some devices are better than others if you plan on taking it on the go, and other devices are extra fancy for musicians.

The possibilities are endless with a digital recorder. Find below descriptions of the most popular models:

The Edirol R-09HR is a high resolution recorder that boasts low-voice recording, a compact design, a large Light Emitting Diode (LED) display, a wireless remote controller and easy USB transfer. This device also has won awards, according to manufacturers, and you can transfer digital data to memory cards. This is great for those who are building websites – for example, if you need an authentic recording of a nearby train, go out and record it, transfer it to your hard drive, then upload it as a sound file on your website. Perhaps the best part about the data transfer feature is that you never have to clear out files and lose them forever.

The Yamaha Pocketrak CX fits in your pocket, offers a variety of features and boasts a great sound quality. There are 50 hours of space available on this device that is run by a rechargeable penlight AA battery that lasts up to 40 hours. Live performances and band rehearsals are a breeze with this device, which only weighs 92 grams and includes a high-quality microphone. This device can record in a variety of files, including MP3s, WAV files and 16-bits. The digital recorder even comes with software for serious postproduction, if needed.

The Sony PCM-D50 is constructed for wear and tear, but is a stylish design. Nature, live music and field recordings are all ideal for this device. The device includes 4 GB of memory and a memory stick. Another cool feature is a pre-recorded buffer that automatically inserts 5 seconds of silence before the record button is even pushed. This allows foe easier transitions, especially if you’re recording track-by-track. The AA alkaline batters offer 14 hours of time. Journalists, musicians and songwriters are especially better served with this device. The device also includes a remote control, a tripod and a microphone “windscreen.”

The Zoom H4n has built in microphones that pick up natural sounds in a 4-channel mode – with the mics already built in. Microphones can rotate at a variety of angles, providing optimum recording. The high definition audio offered by this device makes it a tempting choice for media or filmmakers, and this device is ideal for taping live concerts. There are many formats offered by this device, including WAV files and MP3 formats – all that are optimum for e-mail or website distribution. With a memory card of up to 35 GB, you can enjoy more than 15 hours recording time. This length jumps dramatically when using the MP3 format … to 550 hours or recording time.

The Zoom H2 is very portable and easy to use. This device is ideal for conferences, seminars, reporting, songwriting, music rehearsals (no matter what instrument), and meetings. With four microphones that record at a variety of angles, this device promises deep, high-quality recording. With a memory card, you can get up to 24 hours of recording in WAV format, or more than 280 hours in MP# format. This little device weighs 4 ounces and its AA batteries last 4 hours.

If you want a good meeting or podcast recorder without sacrificing on quality, look no further than the Olympus VN 3200, which is operated by remote control from any direction and offers six recording modes. Meetings, interviews and other interactions where critical information is shared are a snap to record with this device. With 2GB of built-in memory, enjoy 530 hours of recording time in the LP mode. Four microphones provide surround sound, and the menu has voice guidance capabilities. This device is great for taping posting podcasts, and even comes with software to execute this feature seamlessly. The Olympus DS 61 offers similar quality of its cousin, the VN3200, including offering 530 hours of built-in space and podcasting and meeting capabilities.

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