Digital TV Recorder

A digital TV recorder, more commonly known as a digital video recorder or DVR, is a device used to record digital video which could include TV shows and movies streamed on your television. This device will eliminate the hassle behind recording digital video from your TV through your VCR. There is no longer a need for recordable VHS tapes as digital TV recorders include a built-in hard drive to store the video.

With most homes already switched from analog TV to digital TV it is necessary that you make the transition to digital TV equipment as well. Many people are no longer able to record video with their VCR or are at least severely limited. With a digital TV recorder you will be able to record just about anything.

What Does a Digital Video Recorder Do?
A digital video recorder simply records and stores digital video from your television to the device’s hard drive.The device is basically a computer that is solely used for recording, storing, and playing digital video. The only major addition to the computer unit that allows it to do this is the digital TV tuner. The digital TV tuner must be designed to be capable of receiving and decoding TV signals.

The type of tuner that is necessary will depend on your digital video provider. This basically means that different digital TV tuners are necessary for cable TV and digital satellite TV signals. One disadvantage to having to buy a specific tuner is that you may have to pay a surcharge to your provider if you are restricted to using just a tuner they are marketing.

Importance of a Digital Video Recorder
A digital video recorder is a very important device for almost every home. If you or your family watch a lot of TV shows then it will come in handy at some point. Eventually there will be multiple programs that you would like to watch that share the same time slot. To resolve this issue you can use a digital video recorder. By doing this there will be no conflict of choosing between the two programs. You can simply watch one show while it is on air and then watch the other one afterwards as it is recorded and stored in the hard drive.

A digital video recorder is also very useful for long term storage of your favorite TV show episodes and movies. With most digital video recorders you can store up to 40 hours of digital video on the built-in hard drive. You could also find systems with larger hard drives and some may allow you to add an external hard drive for extra storage space.

Using a Digital Video Recorder
There are many options when using a digital video recorder. Most people will invest in a system with multiple digital TV tuners. This will allow you to watch a TV show or movie on one channel and recorded video from a different channel at the same time. You should also be able to record two separate channels while watching a previously recorded video at the same time. If you are going to purchase a DVR device then it would be strongly recommended to invest in one with two digital tuners so you can use the system in the way just mentioned.

Once you get used to using your digital video recorder it will be very useful. You can convert live video to recording in a matter of seconds. This will allow you to start recording a live show and pick up where you left off minutes later. For instance, if you are watching a basketball game and have to go to the store in the third quarter you could just start recording. When you return you can watch it where you left off (while recording the rest of the game if necessary) and not miss any action.

As you can see there are many ways you can use a digital video recorder. This article has covered a few of the more important factors of the DVR system. There are many other reasons why it is a very convenient device to own as well. If you are an avid TV watcher then this should be a must own product. Ultimately, you will not regret purchasing a digital video recorder and it will come in handy quite frequently if you take advantage of it.

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