Digital TV Adapter

For those who want the delights of high definition and multimedia access in an easy format, the plug-and-play digital TV adapters can be your best bet. Many of these devices also hook up to the personal computer, making it even more versatile.

Below are some of the best-selling digital TV adapters out there:

  • The AVerMedia DVI Box7 is a professional level video processor with a picture pause function to capture pieces of information such as lottery numbers and recipes. You can either use this device with or without your computer to turn your television into a fully functional multimedia system. Features include channel preview, color enhancement, edge enhancement, high-end scan technology, sharp imaging and pull downs. Its plug and play adaptability makes for easy use among various LCD and plasma screens.
  • The ATI-TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner allows you to record high definition television stations and have the ultimate home theater experience. With this device, analog programs can be enjoyed on your computer, although analog will not be around after June 2009. Pause live TV, schedule recordings and use a variety of formats, including MPEG4 and MPEG2.
  • The KWorld Digital / Analog HDTV Tuner streamlines your need for additional televisions by it being PC-compatible. This device allows you all the joys of HDTV viewing, but with the ease of being able to plug the tuner into any PC and watching from there.
  • The Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player offers thumbnails, list views, a media library, custom slideshows, movie viewing and music.

Consider the following things before purchasing a digital TV adapter:

  • Does the device easily move between the media formats that you need?
  • Is the device easy for you to use? Are you able to install it on your own?
  • Is it clunky or light? Expensive or affordable?
  • Do you prefer lots of menu features or just the basics?
  • What do you need this for? Does the device you have in mind meet those needs?
  • Does the adapter meet connectibility/compatibility requirements with the other devices you plan on using this with?

Digital television is the newest format of technology used for broadcasts to the home television. This technology offers a better picture, a better sound, more channels and interactive features such as program guides. As of June 2009, all television broadcasters will have switched from analog to digital television. Not only is digital more efficient, broadcast space will be freed up after the digital switch. Television signals are digitized by an encoding process that uses the same language as computers. By contrast, analog has been used since the 1940s and its signal is transmitted via radio waves. A high definition receiver is essential for picking up a digital signal. Categories of digital television include standard definition, enhanced definition and high definition.

Not only will you need a receiver to receive the digital television signal, you also will need a television that can receive this signal. It is for this reason that people with older analog televisions will need digital television converters after the summer 2009 analog to digital switch. The federal government has been spearheading this effort, and has a website where you can download a coupon to save $40 on most basic analog to digital converter boxes. While high definition broadcasts are not a requirement for broadcast television stations switching from analog to digital., several are making this choice anyway while others are working towards that direction. While standard definition is at the bottom of the digital television spectrum, enhanced definition is most compared to DVD quality of viewing. By contrast, high definition is the best, offering rich colors, sharp edges and other features that give you a realistic, riveting and intense television or movie viewing experience.

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