Digital Toaster Oven

A digital toaster oven is a device that can perform the tasks of a toaster as well as an oven. They are shaped more like an oven with the similar kind of front-opening door and a shelf inside. These toaster ovens have a special feature, in that they have a digital keypad instead of the regular dial that is found on such appliances. The digital technology makes it much easier for people to set their toaster ovens, which can also be done with much greater accuracy. The digital displays are in large sizes and with bright colors, mainly because when most people use toaster ovens, they are still groggy from their sleep.

Digital toaster ovens are much more versatile than either toasters or ovens because they are a combination of these two appliances. They have various settings that allow them to be used in various ways. The common settings that are present on these ovens include baking, broiling, toast-making and heating but they also have features to defrost and dehydrate foods. Some of these can be used for making rotisseries. A unique feature present in some digital toaster ovens is that they can be used to pause the cooking if it is needed. The cooking can be later resumed from where it was paused.

The main feature of digital toaster ovens is certainly the digital keypad. This can be in a button format or a touchpad format, which is becoming much more common lately. The keypads are fitted with various digital controls that operate the appliance. People are allowed to set time for which they want the cooking process to continue or the temperature for the cooking or even both of these parameters. Preferably, large digital displays are used and in some cases, there are backlights with contrasting displays. The displays are augmented in most cases with audible alerts.

Several safety features are included in modern digital toaster ovens. The child lock feature has become very common. Various alerts are incorporated in the digital display. Some of these will have an autotimer which will shut down the appliance according to a previous setting. The autotimers can usually be set up to a time limit of one and a half hours.

The body of the digital toaster ovens is made with insulating materials that do not become hot even as the food inside is getting heated up. There are cool handles provided. The feet of the oven are made of insulating material or padded with them so that they do not conduct the heat into the countertop on which they are placed.

The method used in most of these devices is the convection cooking method. In this, the heating element is placed on a particular location, either on the side or below. As it heats up because of the supply of electricity, first the air near the heating element will heat up. This air will then become lighter and will move away from the heating element. It will be replaced from cool air from elsewhere and now this will start getting hot. The process will continue until all the air inside the toaster oven has become sufficiently hot. The advantage of cooking by this method ensures that there is an even spread of the heat within the oven. Temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit can be reached in most digital toaster ovens.

Digital toaster ovens come with a slew of accessories. Rotisserie kits are provided with most of them. Since they can be used for baking also, several baking equipments are provided with the digital toaster ovens, including baking pans and trays. Tongs and crumb trays are also included in some brands.

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