Digital to Analog TV Converter Box

The digital television revolution has been moving forward for the last decade and is now almost complete. The few remaining places that have not made the switch will soon be turning off their analog broadcasts. Anyone who does not have a digital television or a converted analog television will soon have nothing to watch but static. A digital to analog TV converter box is an affordable solution to this problem because it avoids the need to buy a digital television. It is a small box that acts as a second tuner, changing digital broadcasts into analog ones that the television can show.

Many people find this new technology confusing, so it helps to look back at the history of television to see how it all came about. Before digital broadcasts were introduced, everything was transmitted in raw analog signals that could be affected by bad weather or obstacles, such as buildings and trees. Digital is superior because it does not suffer from problems like static or ghosting. Viewers no longer have to get up off the couch to adjust the aerial or twist the control knobs to get a better picture. The picture and sound quality of a digital broadcast is also much better and is on the same level as a DVD movie.

It is easy to tell if a television needs a digital to analog TV converter box by just looking at it. Modern flat screen televisions are large, rectangular, lightweight, and very thin. Practically all of them have a digital tuner and do not require a converter box. Old cathode-ray tube (CRT) televisions are square-shaped, bulky, and very heavy. They generally do not have a digital tuner and must be hooked up to a converter box before the analog broadcasts are stopped. The box itself is small and takes up about the same space as a DVD player. It can be placed on top of a television or very close to it, but the front panel should be visible and not hidden away or else the remote control will not work.

Unlike most other entertainment devices, the front panel of the converter box does not have many features on it. There are usually a few buttons to adjust the channel and volume, and there may be a small display showing the current channel. On the back panel is an input socket for the antenna, and usually a pass-through socket for other equipment that also need to use the antenna. There are also the usual output sockets for the television, such as composite video and stereo audio. Some models also have a HDMI output socket for other digital equipment, and some have a port for a computer or external hard drive.

All converter boxes can receive standard definition (SD) digital signals, but only some can also receive high definition (HD) signals. These HD models are typically more expensive but not by a great amount. Anyway, there are not many high definition broadcasts currently available for them to use, and the difference in picture quality only becomes apparent on a large screen. Since all analog televisions have relatively small screens, it’s better to get an SD model rather than pay extra for an HD model. Of course, if there are channels that are only shown in high definition then it may pay to get one.

Installing a digital to analog TV converter box takes just a few minutes and is simple enough for anyone to do. Basically, it involves plugging in a few cables and then pressing a few buttons to scan for channels. Of course, knowing which cables to plug in and which buttons to press is important, but the whole process is usually explained with diagrams in the manual. Practically all converter boxes use the audio-video (AV) channel and are hooked up to colored RCA sockets on the back on a television. Very old televisions that do not have these sockets cannot be directly connected to a converter box, but there are adapters available that can get around this problem.

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