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There are many possible uses for a digital thermostat. This would include using it as a replacement for your typical analog thermostat, and using it as a way to control both air conditioning and heating within your building. Not only would it be a great idea to purchase and install a digital thermostat in a new home, but it would also be beneficial to replace any analog thermostats with digital thermostats as well.

Benefits of Upgrading to a Digital Thermostat
There are a variety of reasons why a digital thermostat would be preferred over an analog thermostat. For instance, if you were to replace your analog thermostat with a digital thermostat you will benefit for two main reasons. Firstly, a digital thermostat is much more convenient and easy to use. Secondly, a digital thermostat is energy efficient and will ultimately save you money.

The convenience of a digital thermostat goes beyond being able to keep track of the temperature in a specific room though. What makes these devices so great is that they will automatically control the temperature within a room. These thermostats are capable of doing this as they will automatically signal your heater to turn on if the temperature reaches a low temperature (programmable). Once the temperature in the room reaches the preferred setting the heater will get a signal from the thermostat to shut off automatically.

Problems with Analog Thermostats
While you can monitor the temperature in a room with an analog thermostat, there are still many issues that should be major concerns for you. For instance, with an analog thermostat, an excess of energy may be used to keep a specific room properly heated throughout the day or at night. This is most commonly a result of people either being gone for work or falling asleep. Since an analog thermostat is not programmable and is completely manually operated, you do not have the convenience of auto-setting the temperature in a room.

If your heater stays on for hours on end to keep a room heated when it is not necessary to be on you will be looking at spending a lot of money as a result. If you were to convert to a digital thermostat however, the heater is only on when needed and will be off when it is not necessary to be in use. This will ultimately be a money saver and can cut on many hours of use of a heater (or even air conditioning unit for that matter) in a short amount of time. You could end up saving hundreds of dollars in heating bills as a result of this upgrade.

Selecting a Digital Thermostat

It may seem a little difficult to find the right model of digital thermostat to purchase. There are many different options of both brand names and specific models to choose from. When choosing what specific model to purchase you will have to look mostly at the feature it offers. Find something that will be convenient based on your lifestyle and your building.

Generally the features included with a digital thermostat will mostly be the same. Usually there will be a single control for all programmed operations throughout the week, and a separate control for all programmed operations on the weekend. This is very convenient as most people will be home at different hours on the weekend then they would during the week due to work, school, and various other reasons.

A basic digital thermostat will be reliable enough to use and get optimal results. You could always choose a more complex model but it is not absolutely necessary as everything you need is most likely provided in a less expensive model. For around $50 you will be able to get a basic digital thermostat. If you wish too purchase a more complex model then expect to pay a bit more.

However, there may be benefits to upgrading to a higher priced model as they allow you to set unique configurations for every day of the week. If you wish to have ultimate control of the temperature in your building at all targeted times, this may be an optimal investment.

Once you purchase a digital thermostat and program it there is generally no maintenance required. If you wish to modify the temperature in a specific room then you can press an “up” or “down” button which allows for a temporary change of the temperature. Otherwise, the digital thermostat will continue to operate as programmed and will not be a hassle at all.

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