Digital Thermometers

The vivid example of how technology is making our everyday life more easy and efficient is clear. We don’t have to drop a roll of film to the studio to get photos developed, thanks to digital cameras. Neither do we have to suffer from examining the thin line of mercury in a slender thermometer, struggling to read temperatures. A digital thermometer can be a very practical household product, which is used exactly as a analog glass-made thermometer, but without the hassle of squinting the eye to study the thin line of mercury which let’s face it, confuses a lot of us, a lot of time.

The beauty of this is it will give you the accurate temperature in a matter of a few seconds to a minute on an LCD surface. The most common type of digital thermometer would be the oral one, which is sufficient for children 3 and up and the entire family. Rectal thermometers are common for infants, they are found in portable compact sizes. There is a demand for ear thermometers which is very efficient to measure small children or toddlers. They usually take more than 5 readings in a flash & display the highest temperature. They are not fragile so there is no possibility of running to the drugstore several times due to accidental mishaps. The risk of it breaking, releasing the poisonous mercury is nil as it has a solid plastic body. However, the digital screen is sensitive & may be damaged if the object is dropped or treated roughly. Some of them have beepers, which not only beeps to let you know whether it is placed right or not, but also lets you know when exactly it is time to take it out and check the screen. Hygiene is a big issue when it comes to thermometers so it is best to purchase one with either disposable antibacterial tips or absolute waterproof tips, which can be easily cleaned with an antiseptic fluid soaked cloth.

It can be easily found in drugstores or departmental stores. The price range is from 10 to 50 dollars depending on the type and the brand. It will give you the exact temperature on the screen, the mode of the temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit) depends on the product, which is usually mentioned on the packaging & may vary on different regions. The oral thermometers are the most commonly purchased ones as they have the best customer satisfaction record. They don’t break easily, they come in random shapes and they are able to read temperatures of almost ages. Boots digital thermometer is very popular on this department. A rectal thermometer would be the best option as it is proven that it works more accurately on infants. Vick’s Baby Rectal Thermometer is a very safe choice because it has a short probe which helps to avoid excess insertion. The ear thermometers works superbly fast but they do have a lesser customer satisfaction record as they require technical placement in the ear canal according to read the accurate temperature Braun Thermoscan One Plus 1 second ear thermometer is a solid choice. For hygienic purposes, it is ideal to buy quality tip covers to avoid the hassle of soaking it in antiseptic every time. BD Probe Covers for Digital Thermometer has thirty covers in a packet.

This time saving tool is certainly an essential purchase for a modern household. And since it may be required to use often, it is best to purchase a well known brand rather than cutting cost for a cheaper one. The famous brands gives you a one year warranty and in some cases satisfaction guarantees for a period of time. It shouldn’t be so difficult to obtain something so useful & efficient that saves a lot of time, a lot of hassles and certainly spares us from a lot of confusion.

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