Digital Photo Viewer

A digital photo viewer is an excellent way to share pictures from your digital camera without worrying about making paper prints. They also allow you to display multiple pictures all within one single frame as most models will allow you to set them to show pictures for several seconds each and then move on to another photo. Digital photo viewers are small, tabletop sized frames that allow you to upload photos from a memory card or a USB storage device. Different models offer different features. Some may allow you to toggle between several pictures or set one specific picture to show constantly. You may even have the ability to add different transition effects. Other models may offer the ability to add audio so that you can add music or a narration to your pictures. Some newer models also offer the ability to display video as well as still photos.

While most digital photo viewers come with stands to sit them up on tabletops or counters, many also come with hardware to hang them on a wall. If you want to put your viewer on the wall, be certain that you choose a model that offers this hardware. Alternatively, you may find conversion kits that will allow you to mount a standard viewer as well at your local electronics store.

When choosing a digital photo viewer, price is typically the number one factor in determining the purchase. It is important however, to keep in mind that quality is also very important. You want to be certain that you choose a model that offers a clear display. Those models that feature low-quality screens or displays are simply not worth your time or money. The photos are typically poorly lit or fuzzy and hard to see. Be certain that you take a look at the resolution on the viewer you are purchasing. Ideally, a 4 X 6 photo display should have at least a 640 X 480 pixel resolution for optimal viewing.

You will also want to pay attention to the size of the display when purchasing. Digital photo viewers are available with display sizes ranging from 1.5 inches to over 20 inches. Of course, the larger the frame the more you will pay for it. Those with 7 and 8 inch frames are typically the most popular and offer the best value for your money. If you do choose a larger frame, be certain that the resolution quality is high. If the resolution is not specified on the packaging, it may be best to choose another model. Be sure also to pay strict attention to the measurements and see if they are including the size of the screen or the size of the frame. You want to choose your model based on the size of the screen to ensure that you get the best picture quality.

Digital photo viewers are available in many colors and designs as well. Finishes such as wood, plastic and metal are available and many models also include faceplates that you can interchange to fully customize the look of your frame. This is particularly helpful if you want to move the viewer around to different rooms in your home.

Digital photo viewers are typically powered by electrical cords or by batteries. If you decide to purchase a frame that is powered by batteries, try to find a model that includes rechargeable batteries. If you choose one that is powered by an electrical cord, you must remember the cord when placing your frame. Also, if you plan to mount the frame on a wall, be certain that you choose a spot that is close enough to an electrical outlet that the cord will reach. It is typically best to choose models that are powered by batteries for wall mounting. Power-saving features are available on many models including a feature that turns the device on when someone walks by. This motion-sensor feature may drive up the cost a bit however, so determine what specific features you want before you begin shopping.

Auto-off features and timers are also available and these features can help to preserve your battery life if you choose a model that runs on batteries. Again, when you determine your budget keep in mind that these features typically increase the price a bit. It is best to determine what specific features you want before you begin shopping to ensure that you stick within your budget and to ensure that you get all of the specific features that you want.

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