Digital Photo Keychain

Gone are the days of carrying around photos of your family in your wallet. Modern technology has gifted us with the digital photo keychain. This is a small electronic device that has an LCD screen, and is capable of storing your digital photos for viewing at any time. As the name suggests this is a keychain which will mean that it is portable and can fit perfectly into your pocket. It will typically work the same as a digital photo frame and you are able to load a photo or series of photos directly onto it. You are also able to add your keys, meaning that you can carry it around everywhere you go. This can be considered a fantastic way to show off your favorite photos without having to carry around all the usual paraphernalia. No longer do you need to have a camera, photo album or any other specific photo viewing device.

Much the same as the majority of digital photo devices you are also able to connect your keychain directly to a computer through a USB port. You are then able to scan through your photos on your desktop or laptop and can choose the specific photos that you would like loaded onto your device. A digital photo keychain is capable of holding more than one photo and the more advanced versions may even the able to hold 60 or more. Just like any other similar device, the amount of photos that your digital photo keychain can hold will depend very much on the storage size. As you may expect the keychains that are able to hold more photos will be more expensive.

Many digital photo keychains also come with pre-installed software which will, of course, make it far easier for you to transfer photos from your computer directly onto the device. Your keychain should be able to accept photos in JPEG or BMP format, while certain versions may even accept GIF photos. This will very much depend on the make, model and manufacturer and I would therefore recommend that you completely follow the instructions provided prior to installing photos or any software.

A digital photo keychain is usually very small in size. Although size, again, may vary they are typically no more than 2 inches. They will also have a compartment for changeable batteries or even the rechargeable version. You could say they are specifically designed to allow you to view your photos for many hours at a time. The LCD screen will actually make your photos appear far clearer, sharper and brighter which is ideal when they are being viewed from such a small screen.

Most digital photo keychains will have numerous buttons that will allow you to turn the gadget on and off and also to quickly scan through your photos. Some models will display each photo in turn at a set speed, whereas other models will have a slideshow feature. Although you should never consider a digital photo keychain as your primary method of viewing and sharing photos with families and friends, they work extremely well and are very useful for people on the go.

More and more people now offer digital photo keychains as gifts. This can actually be very ideal as they are not very expensive and are able to hold your nearest and dearest memories. Many people often look to purchase a number of digital photo keychains and then load them with different photos. These are then sent to numerous family members to ensure that your memories are recorded forever and can be shared with everyone.

Let’s face facts, this is the ideal opportunity to have your most precious and treasured memories at your fingertips. A digital photo keychain can be viewed as the perfect companion to any set of keys that you own. You also have the opportunity to never leave your home again without pictures of your family, friends or pets. Digital photo keychains will vary in price however the majority can be purchased for under $10. Most of the models that you will come across will usually have a 1.5 inch Digital LCD screen, but there are also smaller and larger screen sizes available. Another great feature of digital photo keychains is their ability to fit any photo of any size directly onto the LCD screen. This will therefore mean that you will not be required to complete any manual resizing or editing and any photo will fit just perfectly.

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