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Is your old MP3 player obsolete and you want to replace it with a new digital MP3 player? If it has been awhile since you bought a new one, you’ll be amazed at the technology in the new digital MP3 players today. A quick internet search will reveal the many choices you have. If you are not up on the latest technology, you may feel a bit overwhelmed at all your choices.

New designs and technology has made it possible for mp3 players to be made very small and lightweight and still have the capacity to fit thousands of songs on one digital MP3 player. The amazing thing is that the sound quality still remains outstanding.

Today’s new digital MP3 players are great for listening to your favorite music while exercising or jogging. The music does not skip a beat and the new ones even have the capacity for video viewing.

The Apple iPod Nano is probably the most advertised and most well known digital MP3 player today. However, there are many others for sale to the public that are comparable in quality and price. Of course, you will want to buy a new digital MP3 player that is trendy and has the capacity to store all of your favorite songs and videos and will be easy to carry and look cool too.

So, what are the features you should look for when shopping for a new digital MP3 player? Well, for starters, you should make sure the one you want to buy is compatible with your current desktop or laptop computer. It should be easy to link to your computer so you can download and transfer your songs and videos quickly and easily.

There are tons of websites now that offer songs for sale for a very small fee. You do not have to go out and buy a whole new CD anymore just to get one or two songs that you like off it. On the other hand, you can still buy a whole CD online if want, and transfer all the songs on it to your digital MP3 player. Other features you may want to look for are, voice recorders, FM radio, calendar syncing, and wireless capabilities video player capabilities.

You will be able to enjoy listening for hours to your favorite music. Now here is the real exciting part about getting a new digital MP3 player. Not only will you be able to listen to your favorite music, you will be able to watch your favorite movies, TV shows and other videos on it. You will have all of this entertainment with you any time you want. People take these digital MP3 players anywhere. Some people even use them to help pass the time on long distance flights and would never consider going anywhere without their digital MP3 player.

If you are really into video watching, look for one with a 7-inch high-resolution display for your best viewing enjoyment. You will want it to have superior video quality and touch screen menu. A Wi-Fi capability so that you can stream content to your player is another function you will want. You will probably need to get at least 80 GB and 160 GB capacities to be satisfied if you want to watch videos effortlessly. If you do not want Wi-Fi, there are plenty of digital MP3 players available that do not use it.

Basic digital MP3 players are also available with out all the fancy functions. If you are new to this technology, you may want to just start with the basics. They are even making simple digital MP3 players for small children now too.

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