Digital Media Streamer

A digital media streamer is a device that plays various kinds of multimedia depending on the different product licensing and capabilities. If you have an Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3 or a Nintendo Wii you can have a digital media streamer. These types of digital media streamers can handle various file formats such as MPEG1, MPEG2, MPTEG4, MP3, WAV, AVI and AAC. A digital media streamer will also handle JPEG, PNG and TIFF photo formats.

Digital Media streams are made by various manufactures. Different kinds of digital media streamers may have unreliable bit rates and incompatibility issues. However, this is depending on the brand that you buy and whether or not it is compatible with your other digital devices. Some people have complained that different digital media streamers can either have menus that are either way to simplistic or way to complex. Some digital media streamers may lack built-in DVD players. Other digital media streamers may not support Wi-Fi. When shopping for a digital media streamer the buyer must be aware of what type of digital media streamer they need for the kind of multi media products they want to use it for. The different digital media streamer products can vary in expense and it pays to do some comparison shopping of the different brands before you buy. Some media streamers are a lot easier to set up than others as well. The different brands also have different download speeds so you have to pay attention to that when you are shopping for one. If you are going to be integrating a digital media streamer with your computer’s operating system you will need to pay attention to the products connectivity protocol as well. Some multi media streamers may offer a choice of what LAN standards they are geared for, such as 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n.

Intel introduced their concept of the digital media streamer (DMR) in 2002. It was supported by 802.11b wireless networking and was based on Xscale PXA210 processor. The Xbox 360 was the first gaming console to integrate a digital media streamer. Linksys, D-Link, and HP have now introduced the latest generation of digital media streamers. These devices support HD video playback and can integrate Windows Extender functionality.

If you are shopping for a digital media streamer you will notice that they are sold under a variety of names such as Connected DVD, digital audio receivers, digital media hubs, digital media adapters, digital video streamers, HDD media players and network media players. Other names for the digital media streamers are wireless media adapters, networked DVD and media extenders.

A digital media streamer allows you to connect either wirelessly to the internet or by a hard wired Ethernet cable, to a computer network and stream digital media directly to your entertainment system. You can stream your own collection of movies, music or photos to your television set with one. You can also watch free internet TV if you use a digital media streamer. This allows users to view their movies in their living room or bedroom without being confined to being directly in front of their computer. You can use a digital media streamer anywhere you have an internet connection such as a Wi-Fi connection.

The digital media streamers are rapidly taking the place of DVD players. Netflix and digital media streamers are allowing viewers to have access to thousands of movies that they can stream over the internet directly to television sets in the home. Microsoft is also offering movie downloads via the Xbox 360 as well. It is getting so that every home will soon have a digital media streamer for entertainment purposes.

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