Digital Kitchen Scale

So you want to bake a perfect chocolate cake, but after several baking disasters, you fail to achieve the perfection. Sometimes the cake is too stiff, and sometimes it turns out to be too gooey. Then it occurs to you that there may be something wrong with the measurement of the ingredients. That is probably a more accurate reason why your cake doesn’t turn out to be right. Especially if all you are using are the measurements cups and spoons stocked in your kitchen cabinet. Perhaps it’s high time you change your measurement habits into a more numerically accurate one. Perhaps you should consider buying a digital kitchen scale.

A kitchen scale is basically a weighing machine that measures the precise weight of everyday kitchen ingredients. Precision is one of the crucial reasons why professional chefs prefer this instrument over ordinary measurement cups. Precise measurement not only helps in baking, but can also play an important role in measuring spices or other ingredients for various recipes that require specific amount of constituents. Moreover, the use of a kitchen scale allows for precise measurements every time, and therefore a recipe can be repeated next time with the same taste and flavor. Added to that is the advantage of being able to add or take off extra amounts to ensure the desired measurement. A digital kitchen scale is easier to read, and is simpler to use than an ordinary kitchen scale, and also allows for faster measurement. A digital scale is basically a strain gauge scale, which is an electrical resistance that is sensitive to length, and works based on the spring principle. A compression, or change in the shape of the component alters the resistance of the strain gauge (also called a load cell) and thus produces a reading through an in-build computer, which is then displayed in a small screen. The ‘tare’ function in many digital kitchen scales allows the measurement of the constituent only, subtracting the weight of the container which carries it. Another advantage that most digital scales offer is the unit conversion function, which allows measurement in pounds, ounces, or grams.

Although not (yet) a popular instrument in most kitchens, there still are many different types of digital kitchen scales available in the market. Some digital scales come with a bowl or a flat surface on which the ingredients are measured. In some, the bowl is permanently attached, which is a headache to clean. But there are other scales which come with detachable bowls of different sizes that allow for variations in the amount of measurements. Another different type of digital kitchen scale that is popular with weight-watchers is the nutrition scale. This is an intelligent scale that calculates calories, carbohydrates and other nutritional content of food measured, and displays it in an LCD screen. It is a very useful product for nutrition-conscious people.

Some of the digital kitchen scales brands that are more popular than most and include the likes of Taylor Digital Kitchen Scales, Salter Kitchen Scales, Escali Kitchen Scales, EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale etc. Each of these brands has a range of products with various functional and aesthetical properties, so it is no trouble finding one that suits your kitchen needs.

Most people may deny extracting any real advantage from a kitchen scale in the first place, but these are perhaps the same people who have never used one before. The truth is there are probably no disadvantages of using a digital kitchen scale (except for the purchase amount and the unnoticeable counter space), and only after you have used one would you agree that cooking becomes easier with a digital kitchen scale, and so does your life.

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