Digital Barometer

A digital barometer is an accurate up-to-date instrument for measuring the current atmospheric pressure and can record historical data for comparison. They are used a lot to forecast the weather. The first barometer was invented by Evangelista Torricelli in 1643. His invention used water in a tube to measure the barometric pressure. The water barometer was then replaced by a mercury barometer, which is a glass tube sealed on one end and filled with mercury. Now we have digital barometers to measure atmospheric changes in the weather. A digital barometer used in professional weather forecasting is an electronically controlled device that is usually connected to a computer. The weather forecaster can then plot out maps and analyze air pressure changes so they can try to accurately predict weather changes. When the barometer reading falls a storm is usually on the way. When the barometer reading rises fair weather is predicted. Digital barometers are very useful to the lay person as well. There are all kinds of them on the market. Some are handheld personal devices that you can use to take along with you on camping, hiking or hunting trips so that you will not be caught in the bad weather. Outdoor sportsmen find that a digital barometer that is also an altimeter can help determine if bad weather is approaching or not and at the same time see what altitude they are at. People who have health problems also find a digital barometer useful, especially arthritis suffers.

When shopping for a digital barometer look for one that is reported to be extremely accurate. It should have an accuracy of 0.5 mb when tested near an NOAA station. You can find a digital barometer that has digital readouts and a digital graph display that will show a line graph over certain periods of time. A digital barometer should also allow you to change the time period for the bar graph display. You should also be able to review the readings numerically. Look for one that has an LCD screen that is not hard to read. Being able to see the pressure readout from several feet away is most useful.

There are various makes and models on the market. The Honeywell TE653ELW is a digital portable barometer/weather forecaster and it also has an atomic clock. It has a 24 hour barometric pressure chart and monitors temperature and humidity. A model of this type is relatively inexpensive.

For a more serious weather enthusiast the BDX1 Precision Digital barometer is a good choice. It is also a good choice for people who live in areas that are subjected to hurricanes. This digital barometer displays the rate of atmospheric pressure on a bargraph which can help warn of a rapidly approaching storm. It has a state of the art Mortorla pressure sensor and an RISC microntroller Upgradeable Firmware 4×20 backlit LCD display. It displays in both inhg and millibars 3 decimal place resolutions. There is also an audible warning that sounds when large pressure changes are detected.

Another good digital barometer for the serious weather enthusiasts is the VWR – Model 23609-208 which is a pressure, humidity and temperature module. It uses data acquisition system 15551-022 to send the data to a computer. The readings for the past 24 hours will be stored and can be easily displayed later. This instrument is traceable to standards provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. These types of digital barometers are expensive to buy at around $200.

An excellent and accurate digital barometer for marine usage is the W&P Electronic Marine Barometer. This barometer has been designed specifically for mariners and will display historical readings that have occurred over the last 48 hours. You can find all of these models and many others online.

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