Digital Audio Recorder

A digital audio recorder is a sound recording device that is becoming more and more popular. It allows the user to record whatever they want to remember or to record their thoughts and ideas so they can play them back later. Businesses use them for their business meetings and conferences as a better alternative to analog recordings so as to avoid deterioration of the sound and it allows for easier editing. A digital audio recorder uses a compact disk to record sound signals.

There are a number of compact disc players on the market that will play back songs, audio programs and musical and voice compositions of various kinds. You can find compact disk players in large audio systems or in small portable disk players. A digital audio recorder can store digital data in a solid state memory (non volatile) and use memory such as flash memory as the recording medium. Just one digital audio recorder can store several recorded messages and the device will have address information on it so that you can find where a certain message is stored. The time it takes to store the information typically is not affected by the physical location of the information in the memory device because it uses electrical signals to program the cell it is recorded on.

Digital audio recorders can also record analog sound values when the sound reaches the microphone. When a memory card is used as a record medium data compressor allows data to be restored in high quality sound playback. If digital compression/decompression circuits are available, the storage capacity for the digital audio recorder can be increased for a fixed memory. Sound responsive switches are typically used to reduce battery drain when the device is not in operation.

Audio recorders can use encryption techniques so that copyrights can be protected. Most are designed to determine if a memory card is invalid and not usable with the recorder. Digital MP3 players, cell phones and PDAs and other such devices can be used as a digital audio recorder. Audio recording technology has expanded voice recording capabilities so that devices for various usages can also be used as a video audio recorder. These devices will come with built in microphones or an external microphone input. In fact, any type of device that can download audio files onto a computer that have been previously recorded can be considered to be a digital audio recorder.

Some common features that a digital audio recorder can have are automatic voice activation; recording speed is dual in nature for fast recording, a microphone tie clip, and various cables for re-recordings and proper headphones that are soft in texture. An audio recorder will also have an LCD screen to allow you to see related information about the audio being recorded. Most digital audio recorders have a maximum recording time that can go on for up to 37 hours. Most recorders are battery powered and will use rechargeable batteries.

There are various reasons to use a digital audio recorder. Most digital dictation is done on audio recorders these days. They can be linked with speech recognition software that normally used for dictation, audio medical notes and legal dictations. The device can be given to the person employed to transcribe the notes after the employer has finished verbally speaking his thoughts or dictations, there by eliminating the need for one on one dictation. This saves time for everyone involved.

Another use for audio recorders in the work place is during employment interviews. The interviewer can play back the interviews to help with hiring decisions or to allow a superior to hear the interview also.

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