Die Cut Machine

A die cut machine is used to cut out dies in various shapes and forms, for scrapbooking and industrial purposes. These machines are generally able to shape out several designs, shapes and fonts that are pre-fed into them. There are different die cut machines to obtain different dies. The scope of the die cuts that are obtained by a die cut machine is quite vast – they are used in scrapbooking, making party decorations, designing envelops, craft kits, cards and materials that can be used on bulletin boards.

There are two kinds of die cut machines available – the manual and the computer-based ones. The manual machines can be operated as standalone machines and can be easily taken from one place to the other. In that way, they become more convenient since they can be taken to the school or workplace where they would be required. The computer-based die cut machines need to be hooked up to a computer so that they can work. These machines are more accurate and versatile, but they need the user to learn how to operate them. They are not portable because they stay fixed to the computer. There are also die cut machines that require electrical power to work but do not need to be attached to the computer.

A typical manual die cut machine requires the die to be placed in a particular area in the machine. A mechanism is used to push the die into the machine. It then comes in contact with the surface to be impressed, which could be paper, rubber, felt, fabric, foam or cardboard or something similar. Another mechanism is used to impress the die onto the surface. In some cases, embossing dies are used which gives the embossed effect. Depending on the sizes of the dies required, there are big and small die cut machines.

Computer-based die cut machines are more versatile because they can use different kinds of dies; in most cases, whatever is downloadable from a computer can be made into a die and imprinted onto the surface. However, the sizes in which the dies are available could be restricted. These machines are good for getting a large variety of shapes, designs and fonts.

Electronic machines are also very good for imprinting different shapes, designs and fonts. These machines do not need to be hooked on to a computer, but they will need electric power for their performance. These machines usually work by using cartridges.

There are some die cut machines that are available for special use by children, such as for craftwork in schools. These machines are small in size and very simple to operate. Some of them have attractive designs too so that they hold appeal for the children using them. These small machines are quite enough for children to die cut various shapes and fonts for their scrapbooking and other craftwork requirements.

Die cut machines that are meant to be portable are also small in size. They are manual machines, but some of them can be computer-based. The machines are oftentimes restrictive in the sizes of the die cut that they offer. Portable machines usually do not provide the versatility of use that other machines provide.

Digital die cut machines have become the vogue today. These machines are not only computer-based, but they will also need the Internet for their operation. They allow for any and every kind of die from material that has been downloaded through the computer and even the Internet, and they are very flexible in terms of the designs, fonts, shapes and sizes that they offer. Most professional artists are beginning to use the digital die cut machines. Though these are the most expensive kind of machines, their versatility makes them a very appealing purchase for professionals.

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