Desktop Memory

Your computer’s processor is a very important part of how well it performs but the desktop memory is almost as important. If your computer has a small amount of RAM then it will not perform up to your needs. For your computer to maintain full functionality it will require a fair amount of RAM.

The amount that is require may vary slightly depending on the other specifications of your computer. You can still get a rough idea of how much RAM your computer should have though. Basically, you need at least 2GB to be able to function safely, but 4GB is strongly recommended. If you have 6GB or higher then you will have no issues with your desktop memory being too low.

Types of Desktop Memory
For the average buyer, reading the various types of RAM you can purchase may become slightly confusing. The best thing to do is ignore the past terms that were used for RAM and just focus on the two most popular terms today – DDR2 and DDR3. If you want the most up to date desktop memory then you will want to go with a DDR3 RAM stick. However, if you are looking to save money then you should be fine with a DDR2 RAM stick.

More importantly than the type of desktop memory you purchase though, the speed of the RAM is very important as well. For instance, a DDR 1600 MHz (PC3-12800) memory stick is extremely fast, while a DDR2 400MHz (PC2-3200) memory stick is rather slow.

RAM Expansion
Sometimes you cannot upgrade your RAM very easily. There is a physical limit to the amount of desktop memory you can add to your computer as there are only a small amount of memory slots to use. Desktop computers usually have four to six memory slots available so you can complete a decent sized RAM expansion. However, laptops typically only have two memory slots so you may be limited to the amount of memory you can add to your laptop computer.

Another important factor to look at when considering upgrading the desktop memory in your computer is the physical slots in use. A computer with 4GB of memory listed in the specifications may already have all the memory slots in use. While the memory sticks could be 2GB each, therefore only two slots would be in use, it is possible that they are 1GB memory sticks and all memory slots are in use.

When purchasing a computer it would be highly recommended to look at the expandable possibilities. So, in this case you would buy a computer that has at least 2GB memory sticks and two free slots.

Buying RAM Sticks

When buying memory sticks for your computer you will need to know what to look for. The main factor would be the size of the memory stick. RAM is available in sticks sizing from 128MB to 2GB for private usage. You can find larger memory sticks as well but they are designed specifically for business/enterprise server apps.

Besides the actual memory size you will have to consider the speed of the memory. You would obviously want to get the fastest memory stick possible but just get the best deal you can within your budget. Ideally you would want a 2GB memory stick that is relatively fast.

Upgrading the amount of RAM in your computer is one of the most effective modifications you can do to your system. The changes will be noticeable immediately by doing so. Extra RAM will allow you to open more programs at the same time without being slowed down by doing so. In conclusion, upgrading your desktop memory is one of the best ways to overall improve your computer’s performance. If you are considering upgrading your computer, then just do it, as you will not regret the performance boost it offers.

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