Dell Thin Client

Computers come in all shapes and sizes these days, from heavyweight desktops to compact netbooks. A thin client is a small desktop computer that is designed for business tasks, such as writing letters and editing spreadsheets. The main benefits of a thin client are its low cost, small size, and low power usage. However, a thin client lacks the power and flexibility of a regular desktop computer. A Dell thin client is one sold by Dell Computers, which for many years has been the largest online retailer of computers and peripherals in the world. The Optiplex 160 is just one example of a Dell thin client.

In general, business tasks do not require the power of a large desktop computer. Business computers are mostly used for writing letters, editing spreadsheets, creating presentations, and printing invoices. They are also used for email, web browsing, and making telephone calls over the internet using services like Skype. Many retail stores use them as point-of-sale machines instead of traditional cash registers. These tasks are not very demanding and do not require a high speed processor or lots of memory, like computers that are used for playing video games. In fact, many of these tasks are so simple that they can now be done on a mobile phone.

The Optiplex 160 is a Dell thin client that is ideally suited for business computing. The slimline case of the Optiplex 160 is both stylish and compact, allowing it to be placed next a monitor or even mounted under a desk. The efficient power supply and processor inside the case use much less power than a regular desktop computer. For companies that use many computers, this efficiency can result in large savings on their power bills. It also reduces the need for additional cooling and ventilation in rooms where the computers are close together, such as in a call center.

The Optiplex 160 is powered by an Intel Atom processor and supports up to 4GB of RAM memory. It has both a DVI and VGA port for a monitor, as well as ports for headphones and a microphone. It also has six USB ports, two PS2 ports, Ethernet port, and a serial port. Buyers can choose from a range of 2.5″ hard drives, including the latest solid state drives. Windows Vista is the default operating system but it can be upgraded to the newer Windows 7 if required. However, the Optiplex 160 is not a regular desktop and does not have slots for expansion cards or even bays for CD/DVD drives, but it can be hooked up to an external drive through one of its USB ports.

Security is an important consideration when choosing a new business computer, and it’s what makes a Dell thin client stand out from the rest. The Optiplex 160 features a chassis lock to prevent unauthorized access to the components inside the case, as well as BIOS password protection for the operating system and software. Cable security kits can be bought from Dell and installed to prevent the computer and its peripherals from being stolen. Protecting the data stored on a computer is just as important as protecting the hardware. The Dell ProSupport service can help with data backup and retrieving data from hard drives. To add a further layer of security, optional smart card readers can be installed to control who uses the computers.

Reliability, low maintenance, and good warranty support are also high on the list of required features for a business computer. A broken computer can easily cost a business thousands of dollars in lost sales every day that it’s not working. The Optiplex 160 has several LED lights on the front of its case that provide vital information for troubleshooting, and the Dell Client Manager software allows technicians to quickly identify and solve problems with the software setup. In addition, every Dell thin client is supported by Dell’s famous warranty support, which gives business owners peace of mind in the knowledge that any computer problems will be quickly fixed.

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