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Dell is one of the few companies that have originally been marketing and selling desktop computers, laptops, notebooks and other computer accessories. As such, one might consider Dell to be a ‘specialized’ if not a niche, consumer goods company. Buying a laptop or a notebook from such a company is often recommended as these are precision instruments, but they can be rather expensive and you absolutely cannot compromise on quality when price is involved. This is one of the reasons why users are willing to shell out $1000 or more for a Mac.

Dell notebook computers and laptops are far more affordable than a Mac, and if you visit the website, you will notice that not only do they offer some really good features, but also great style and looks. Also, a comparison of laptops on eBay shows most Dell laptops and notebooks to be around the $600 mark, which is pretty much the lower end of the spectrum. Add to this the range of laptops and notebooks Dell manufactures. Dell produces six different brands of notebook computers for home use and two for business use.

For the home users, the following Dell notebook computers are available:

Inspiron series: Dell’s most popular and well known brand. Inspiron 13, 14 and the latest, 15 are quite well known and suit the needs of most consumers who are looking to buy their first notebook computer. The Inspiron Mini series (Mini 9 and 10) is a range of smaller sized notebook computers for those who want highly portable systems.

Studio: The Studio 15 and 17 are Dell’s way of wooing style conscious customers who want a great looking laptop without compromising on the features. It has a customizable exterior and Dell offers a pick of seven colors and over 100 artist designs to choose from! This notebook computer seems to be a favorite with students. However, as expected, it is a bit more expensive than the Inspiron. There’s also the Studio 15 special edition laptop which boasts of HD

XPS: This Dell notebook computer is for those who really know what their laptop’s all about. The XPS is made for high-end customers, with superior performance as required by those who use the laptop extensively for gaming. Meant for enthusiasts, it comes with exhaustive features and price tag!

Studio XPS: The two Dell notebook computers in this range, Studio XPS 13 and 16 provide the best of both worlds, or rather, brands. A combination of the Studio’s design and styling and the XPS’s power and performance, it is the “ultimate laptop experience” as described by Dell, in high definition.

Adamo: Dell’s answer to the Macbook Air. If the product is as good as it looks, then this brand might create a consumer base to rival Mac’s. The Adamo offers the best you can get in a laptop – amazingly fast performance, durability, slender design, HD display, over five hours of battery life, and fast connectivity. It is available in Onyx (Black) and Pearl (White).

For business/commercial use Dell offers a different range of notebook computers:

Vostro: The Vostro brand has ten notebook computers designed to suit the needs of different kinds of small businesses. Whether your business is software development, designing and animation or trading there is a Dell notebook computer with high performance or advanced graphics or extra security features for you. Vostro is also a highly affordable Dell brand.

Latitude: The latitude brand creates two different families: E & D. E is made for office use. It is easily manageable and has a decent battery life. D family laptops are made to work in tough conditions and can easily take on humidity, dust and a bit of man handling.

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