Curly Fry Maker

A curly fry maker is a fabulous kitchen tool that allows you to cut thin spirals out of raw potatoes that are called curly fries. These devices are used in commercial kitchens and establishments that serve curly fries. They are also available for use in private kitchens. Most people love the curly fries so much and are happy to find out that you can buy a curly fry maker so you are able to make them at home on their own. There are several products on the market today that are classified as a curly fry maker. Some of these products are also called spiral fry cutters.

Regular French fries are straight cut pieces of potatoes. The curly fry maker cuts the potatoes into a helical spiral shape. People love to eat curly fries with all kinds of burgers, fish, chicken, sandwiches, etc. The basic reason that the curly fry maker was invented and released on the market was so that the potatoes could be cut quickly cut and mass produced in commercial restaurants and other places that sell French fries. Vendors who sell food products at festivals and fairs also use a curly fry maker if they offer them on their menu. The curly fry maker provides for cutting the potatoes in a spiral shape quickly and easily. There is no need to peel the potatoes first when making curly fries. The potato is simply washed and loaded into the device which has a hand crank that turns and pushes the potato continuously into the cutter blade which cuts the potato into the desired shape. A single blade is used to cut the potato along its natural shape. This causes the resulting piece to become curly. There are many other unique devices that are used in different ways, but the end result is the same, curly fries.

There are all kinds of curly fry makes and models on the market. Some are hand held devices, others can be permanently attached to the kitchen counter and others are portable curly fry makers that are electric. The most expensive ones are found in commercial kitchens and these are the most well built ones that can stand up to the production of hundreds of curly fries a day. If you are a homemaker you can buy one for you kitchen too. You can also find one that costs as little as $3, but this kind is much more difficult to use because you will have to hold the potato in one hand and turn the crank with your other hand so it can be more time consuming. Some of the curly fry makers on the market will also cut other vegetable into curls and various shapes. Variations of the curly fry maker have been around for a couple of decades now.

The Presto Tater Twister Curly Cutter is one curly fry maker that is very popular in private kitchens all across America. This is a rather inexpensive electric kitchen curly fry maker. To use this one you place your potato on the bottom base and use a cylindrical shaped top to push down on the potato as it turns. The cylinder captures the cut potato for you. It is very simple and easy to use. The World Cuisine Spiral Vegetable Slicer for Curly Fries is another inexpensive curly fry maker. It also cuts fruits and vegetables into spiral cuts. If you are looking for an expensive commercial grade curly fry maker then you might want to consider the Nemco N55150A-E sink mount curly fry maker. It uses 120V electricity and sales for around $800. This curly fry maker can process up to 60 potatoes in 5 seconds. This is a very popular model for commercial kitchens.

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