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Curling irons have been present on the face of the Earth for years. The peak of their popularity was probably during the late 70’s to the 80’s when forming curls and waves in women’s hair was the trend. Flat irons and hair straighteners have removed them from the limelight since then, but curling irons are not completely useless just yet. Numerous hair salons consistently apply curling irons to assist women who strive to attain certain styles, and there are still countless women who prefer curly or wavy hair as opposed to straight hair.

Curling irons may vary in price starting from $20 all the way to $100, and as you can imagine there are numerous differences in the features and benefits provided between low ended models and the superior, professional curling irons that many hair stylists use. Many people have very delicate hair and if they are not taken care of correctly, you may suffer a significant amount of damage like splitting and drying caused by curling irons. For people who are going to be using a curling iron regularly, it is advisable that they buy one of the more expensive models; curling irons equipped with ceramic barrels and other features built to shield your hair from damage.

The primary matter to contemplate when buying a curling iron is to see what substance the Barrel is made of. Most of the time, the quality and the coating of the barrel define the price of the curling iron. The coating of the barrel also has an effect on the rate at which the barrel heats up and whether it can burn your hair or not. Few of the cheapest curling irons have barrels built from chrome, which is suggested for those who only plan on curling their hair occasionally. Slightly above Chrome barrels lay Gold barrels as they heat up equally. A few of the salons contain velvet barrels as they shield hair from tearing from the heat. Teflon barrels are similar to velvet barrels and are also found in stores and markets for purchase.

The best renowned curling irons available in the market are ones that are built of ceramic barrels and the ceramic coating contains tourmaline (negative ion) technology which is able to generate an equal heat throughout the barrel and has a smooth finish. Ceramic curling irons are supposedly less harmful to hair when compared to the other types of curling irons and most professionals recommend ceramic barreled curling irons for people with colored, frizzy or dry hair.

Other features available on curling irons are:

  • Barrel Size: The curl produced varies depending on the size of the barrel. A general habit of women is to have three different curling irons with three different barrel sizes to enable a variation in their styles.
  • Adjustable Heat Setting: Verify if the curling iron you choose has an adjustable heat setting to prevent causing damage to your hair. A universal rule is that people with thin hair should not turn the heat up too much; as opposed to people with thick hair who will require a higher heat setting. Try to locate a curling iron that has an indicator light which will light up once it heats up to a suitable temperature.
  • Grip Tip: A handy safety feature on a curling iron is to have a grip tip on the end of it. This will let you use your other hand to keep the curling iron steady without having to burn your hand/fingers.
  • Safety Features: Safety features include a swivel cord to allow easier movement without the cord tangling up, as well as an automatic turn off feature which means that the iron will automatically turn off even if you do not remember to.

After reviewing numerous curling irons on the internet, the best curling iron available seem to be the Wigo Digital Ceramic Curling Iron which costs about $50. This curling iron features 12 heat settings which suggest that it is suitable for all hair types, a heating time of 50 seconds, flat screen digital display readout and an 8 foot swivel cord guaranteed never to tangle. The Wigo curling iron is able to provide 100 watts of power and the ceramic barrel it contains will not harm your hair in any way.

As shown in this review, deciding on which curling iron to buy depends solely upon the user itself. The amount of use, the user’s hair type, the hair style which is going to be created are all factors which will affect your decision. Hopefully, this review has made things just that much easier to help you make your decision.

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