Countertop Dishwasher

A countertop dishwasher is a great little appliance to have in your kitchen, especially if it is small. When you do not have room to retrofit an automatic dishwasher under the counter you do not have to resign yourself to living without a dishwasher these days. Almost every home has a dishwasher and with the availability of the countertop dishwasher your kitchen can have one too. A countertop dishwasher is also called a portable dishwasher. This type of dishwasher is one that sits on wheels and the top is made to look like a countertop. The countertop is usually one that is made to look like a butcher block counter top. When you have a countertop dishwasher you can actually have an extra countertop in your kitchen.

In the last 10 years or so the countertop dishwashers have become more popular because of how much more energy efficient and powerful they are. The countertop dishwasher uses less electricity and water than a full size dishwasher will use. This makes washing small loads of dishes more energy efficient so you can wash dishes more often. You do not have to wait for one large load to operate a countertop dishwasher. This makes this type of dishwasher much more convenient for single people to use. A countertop dishwasher is much less expensive than a standard size dishwasher too. Installation of the countertop dishwasher is very easy. Actually all you have to do is bring it home and plug it in. There will be hoses that you need to attach to your faucet but this is done very easily.

Some people call the countertop dishwasher a tabletop dishwasher. This type of dishwasher is much less expensive than a freestanding or built-in dishwasher. The countertop dishwasher needs to be placed close to the sink when it is being used so you can attach the hoses. The dishwasher can be easily moved about the kitchen because it is on wheels. The washing options on the countertop dishwasher are much the same as other types of dishwashers. They have several wash cycles. Since you will be using your home hot water supply you need to make sure that your hot water heater is turned up to around 160°. This is necessary to for the water to be hot enough to sanitize your dishes. A countertop dishwasher can also come with delayed start programming so that the dishwasher will be used when you program it to start. Most of the countertop dishwashers on the market today are quieter than the ones in the past. When shopping for a countertop dishwasher you will be able to find one in the color and style of your choice. There are many brands available on the market today.

There is another kind of countertop dishwasher that is not the same as the portable countertop dishwasher discussed above. This type does not have wheels. A countertop dishwasher like this is one that actually sits on top of the kitchen counter. The downside to this type of countertop dishwasher is that it takes up valuable kitchen counter space. However, if you have a very small kitchen that does not have room for you to wheel around a portable countertop dishwasher that is on wheels you may find this option the best for you. This type is a small size dishwasher can only handle a small load of dishes at a time. These types of countertop dishwashers are very efficient in can be very inexpensive to use. They are able to wash dishes quickly so you can wash more than one dish load in a short amount of time. Whichever type of countertop dishwasher you decide on will depend on your personal needs and the size of your kitchen. With all of these sizes and options available there is no need for anyone to be without a dishwasher in the home.

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