Countertop Burner

There is an appliance for just about every application. One of the best appliances for the kitchen is the countertop burners. Not too many have these in their homes because they often have the standard ovens, stoves, microwaves and toaster ovens. There are the countertops burners for the residential kitchen and there are the countertop burners for restaurants and other commercial kitchens.

Let’s start with the countertop burners for the residential home. These are great for people who don’t have access to a full kitchen, people who often rent rooms for school or in between apartments often don’t have access to kitchen more less a stove. Others may want to save money by using their countertop burners for certain foods than waste electricity or gas.

There are different styles available for the residential use. There are some countertop burners that have a single burner, some have double burners and the more expensive burners have three. These are flat plate burners that maybe sit a few inches off the countertop. Then there are the others that have a Convection Rotisserie System or toaster portion on the bottom.

But the most common countertop burners are the regular burners with nothing fancy. Some of the types of burners are made from strong and durable materials as well as safe products as well. Some of these are flat plates as we mentioned and others are called coil burners.

Another difference in the burners is some of them are like stove burners and others are Induction heating plates. They both use electricity to work and depending on what your preference is, they both work well. Though the stove top like burners are said to cook food more evenly than the induction plates. But again, it is a matter of preference.

Some of the great brands of countertop burners are Aroma, Avanti, Elite, Continental, Broil King and Toastmaster. You can find hundreds of different models on line in web store, e-Bay or stores like Target, Wal-Mart or Kmart. Now, if you want a countertop burner but on a larger scale, you could choose from any of the models they call Cook Tops.

These are a countertop burners with have a bit more substance to them. They may include a broiler underneath the burners or they may use gas rather than electric. These types of units are good for patios or small apartments that don’t have stoves.

These cook tops are expensive; they run a couple of hundreds of dollars. Decide if it is worth it to purchase a standard double countertop burner with a price range of $14.00 up to $ 250.00. The prices vary depending on the model number and what features they have. If you want to keep it simple, you can find these in most Wal-Mart and Target stores, the larger countertop burners may be purchased online through the Target website.

Just because these are not full-fledged stoves, it doesn’t mean that they don’t work great. With the use of pots and pans you can still make some great meals. They are strong, durable and reliable appliances.

If you are not sure what type you want to buy or when what brands are good. Try looking up countertop burners on the Consumer’s Report Guide. This can be found on the web. They will showcase the models that they have reviewed and see what other consumers have said about the model. This is a great way to find out what models are worth the money and what models are not.

Make sure that these units are safe as well as efficient. If you have any question, ask your salesman of the store where you are purchasing the burner. Check out the websites of Broil King and Aroma they have the most inventory.

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