Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton candy machines are used in various businesses (such as carnivals and movie theatres) and in some homes as well. The machine uses a hot plate, centrifugal force, sugar, and fine holes. The machine basically creates spun sugar. This is a dessert that has been around for hundreds of years but has only become very popular in the past 50 years.

Sugar is mixed with food coloring (usually pink or blue) and heated up on the hot plate. The sugar will begin to melt and threads of it will get sent through a mesh net because of the centrifugal force. The threads will then start to cool down and the cotton candy will be ready to be spun up and served.

Why Buy a Cotton Candy Machine?
Many business owners can make a profit from owning cotton candy machines. This is especially true for owners of carnivals and fairs. Cotton candy has already been revolutionized so there is no need to do much marketing for the product. You simply have to have the cotton candy machine, and have an ideal location and environment to put it up and make money off of.

Some individuals may want to invest in a cotton candy machine for home use. This is common because of the large amount of people that enjoy the taste of cotton candy. If this is the case, there are many different models of cotton candy machines available. It should not be very hard to find a decent one for home use.

If you are holding an event only for a few days, then you may not want to spend so much money purchasing a cotton candy machine. Instead, you could look into renting one of these machines. There are some rental shops that offer rentals of cotton candy machines, popcorn machines, and more, so look into this if you want to make money off of selling cotton candy at a one time event.

Buying a Cotton Candy Machine for Business Use
In many businesses, a cotton candy machine can prove to be very profitable. It is important to understand what type of machine will be needed for your purposes though. If you are running a cotton candy machine continuously then you will need to purchase a commercial cotton candy machine. The recreational machines are only beneficial if they are used infrequently and that is not possible when it is intended for business use.

The cotton candy machines that are made for business use are larger and more heavy-duty than the home models. They are also effective at producing a higher quantity of cotton candy than the home models. This is important because you will be quickly getting rid of it as you sell it so having a larger model is necessary to keep stocked.

The quality of the cotton candy that is produced with the commercial models is also far superior to that of the recreational models. If you are producing cotton candy to sell it, then the quality will be very important. The same goes for if you are enjoying the cotton candy by yourself, but buying a commercial model may be too pricey and illogical for home use.

Buying a Cotton Candy Machine for Home Use
There are many different models of cotton candy machines available. They all vary in size, shape, price, and more. Some of the very low-priced models are designed for younger children to use. Still on the relatively low end of the pricing spectrum, the family-sized cotton candy machines are great for home use. These would be efficient for making enough cotton candy at home for yourself, and everyone else there.

If you want to save money when buying a cotton candy machine for your home, then look for a used one. Check the local classifieds, yards sales, and eBay. You should be able to find a decent used machine for only $50 to $150. In most cases, you can get more than 50% off the retail price if you buy a used model instead.

Final Thoughts
Owning a cotton candy machine can be very beneficial in numerous ways. At home, it can provide a tasty treat for the whole family, and entertainment for friends as well. In businesses, it can be a wise investment as well as their will always be a demand for cotton candy, especially in the family entertainment industry. With all that being said, it is easy to conclude by saying that cotton candy machines are worth looking into investing in for various reasons.

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