Cordless Steam Iron

Ironing is a chore that we all hate to do, but it has to be done. Nobody likes to go out wearing creased clothes, they end up looking scruffy and can look really bad. We probably all own an iron, but most of us will have one of the older models. The ones that have really long chords that get in the way, and really aren’t very safe if you have young children running about the place. That is why it is a good idea to invest in a cordless iron. They are convenient, safe, and can be purchased for a very reasonable price. Let’s take a look at some of the options for you to consider.

One option for you to consider is the Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron. At a very reasonable price of sixty nine dollars, this cordless iron is easily affordable. It features an electric temperature control, making it very easy for you to iron your clothes at the correct heat. Another handy feature, is the non stick coating on the bottom of the iron itself. It has a detachable water tank with it that is very easy to use, and also very easy to assemble. The heat resistant carrying case that comes with the purchase of the Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron, enables you to easily store the iron away without having to worry about it being a fire hazard, or worry about it burning anything.

At a much cheaper price of just twenty seven dollars, you may want to consider the Smartek Cord-Cordless Steam Iron. It features a comfortable grip handle that enables you to iron your clothes smoothly, and safely without the risk of dropping the iron. It has a shot and steam button to allow you to get rid of those wrinkles and creases that you can get out, and also allows you to steam curtains. This model also has a non stick surface on the bottom of the iron itself. It has a transparent water tank which means you can monitor the water levels whenever you need to. There are also an option of colours, but that’s not really important.

Another cordless iron to consider is the Oreck Cordless Speed Iron. At a price of between fifty and sixty dollars, this is still an affordable model. The speed iron design means that you can speed through your ironing chores in no time and with little hassle. It heats up in the lightening speed of just sixty seconds, enabling you to get the job done quickly and easily, it is especially good if you are in a rush and need to iron your clothes before leaving the house. It has a wide steam jet function to remove any stubborn wrinkles, and also, like the other two cordless irons that were mentioned, has a non stick plate on the bottom of the iron.

There are many more cordless irons on the market. You may want to go for one of the more well known brands that has a good reputation, but you can probably still find a lesser known brand that does exactly the same job but comes with a cheaper price tag. If you do a lot of ironing, then you are going to want a cordless iron that is going to last you a long time, and not one that will be no good after a couple of uses, so it is a good idea to visit the manufacturers website and read reviews of the product that you are intending to buy, before you actually buy it. Be sure to shop around for the best price, and also the best features, as you are going to want a product that meets all of your requirements.

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