Cordless Radar Detector

A radar detector is an electronic device that helps motorists avoid being caught for speeding. It can be installed in cars and other vehicles to identify if law enforcement agencies are monitoring speed through a radar unit. Speed measuring devices are of several types including Doppler radar-based devices, piezo sensors, ANPR and VASCAR technology and LIDAR devices. Radar detectors can only be used when the speed measuring device is Doppler radar-based. Most of the radar detectors available today are able to detect signals that ranging through a variety of bands of wavelength. Radar detectors can be of three different types: mounted, corded and cordless.

The cordless radar detector is the more popular and widely used of the three, given its ease of use. While it does not get as much range as a corded radar detector does, these units are easy to move around. The cordless radar detector can easily be carried from one vehicle to another. There would be no need to purchase multiple units for people who own more than one vehicle. Using the cordless radar detector not only saves time but also gives the gift of space and a cord-less experience. This also enables the detector to be stored in a concealed space without easily being spotted.

There are several features of the cordless radar detector that can be kept in mind that while making a purchase to suit your needs. The most popular detectors are those that have a 360 degree lens. For night-time drivers, a backlit LCD could prove very useful. A rechargeable battery is also a good option for cordless radar detectors. Some of these devices also come with a voice-alert feature. This means that there would be no distractions due to loud alert sounds and driving becomes smoother. When there are high-gain lens monitoring all the directions such as the front, sides and rear of the car, radar reception would be much better. Some of the recent models of cordless radar detectors have POP radar systems and VG-2 radar detection cloaking.

The VG-2 Guard in cordless radar detectors have two levels. VG-2 standard and Bell’s shadow technology. The latter type of technology, in the presence of a police VG-2 radar, would give off an alert and then continue without any interruptions. It is literally invisible to detection by the police since this detector is able to mask its oscillation frequency. In other words, after the alert is released by the VG-2 detector, it shuts itself off to avoid being detected. While deciding which cordless radar detector to purchase, it is important to keep in mind the sensitivity factor. This means the ability of how well the radar is able to pick up a range of signals. Also, selectivity is another important factory. This is the ability of the radar detector to be able to decide which of the signals detected are legitimate ones coming from police radars. There has to be a good balance maintained between selectivity and sensitivity.

The variable range of most cordless radar detectors is around a half to one mile in distance. This can vary depending upon various factors such as the weather conditions and frequency bands. Most cordless radar detectors work well under any type of environmental conditions, barring the most severe ones, where corded detectors may be needed. One more cause of concern for people before they invest in a good cordless radar detector is the legality of use. In most states of the US, barring just a few, use of radar detectors has been made legal. Some states have bans on radar detectors being used on commercial vehicles. Some countries have also made their use illegal. It is best to find out the local laws before making a purchase. A suitable cordless radar detector unit may be purchased online at prices ranging from $70 to $1000 and above.

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