Cordless Presenter

If your do a lot of PowerPoint presentations, you probably are tired of being tied down to your laptop. You long to have the freedom to move around the conference room and conduct your presentation without needing to use your keyboard. A cordless presenter will help you achieve this freedom you need and will greatly help you improve your public speaking style and ability. Slides will move on cue and you will not have to lose eye contact with your audience to check you projection screen.

You can purchase a Logitech cordless presenter for around $200. It is a little pricey but well worth the money. The Logitech cordless 2.3 GHz presenter that doubles as a mouse and has a programmable LCD timer built-into it. One great feature it has will give 5 and 2 minute vibration warnings so that you know exactly how much time you have left for your presentation. This completely eliminates the need for you to be constantly watching the clock. You will enjoy being able to move 50 feet from your laptop so it gives great freedom to move around the room. The laser will work up to 100 feet from your slideshow and the USB receiver is inside the presenter. There is no need for software installation required with windows.

Almost every cordless presenter you find on the market can fit comfortably in your hand. They either use Bluetooth wireless technology or USB and the good thing about the Logitech cordless presenter is that it has full scroll-wheel mouse capabilities. It will also function as a laser pointer. Your cordless presenter from Logitech has extra features like “launch slideshow”, “black screen” and there is a switch on the bottom that lets you toggle to its presentation functionality from the mouse mode. The volume is easily adjusted and it comes with its own carrying case. The Logitech presenter uses two AAA batteries as its power source that can last up to six months. It also has an on and off button so the laser can not be accidentally turned on in your briefcase.

If you want a cordless presenter that does not require such a large cash output, you can try the Atek Electronics Tote-Remote Cordless Presenter for around $80. It will also give you the freedom to conduct a presentation without the need to keep going back to touch your keyboard. While it does not double as a mouse, it does have three buttons to use to navigate through your presentation with. It will function as a laser pointer for you too. It will give you reliable performance up to 30 feet away from your laptop. A lithium battery powers the Atek cordless presenter. All you have to do is plug it into the USB RF receiver. It is great for basic slideshow users who use either Mac or Windows.

A cordless presenter will make a great gift for business professionals who do PowerPoint presentations, teachers and for college graduation gifts. Some people also use when they make a presentation for an interview.

Another cordless presenter to consider is the ATI Remote Wonder. It is a little bit more of a complex cordless presenter that is actually a 43-key RF remote. It can control DVD players, your computer and television as well. As a cordless presenter, it runs several programs and can maximize and minimize window and perform complete slideshow navigations. However, for most presenters it is a little too much and can get to be confusing for them. However, it sells for about $50 so you can’t go wrong if you just want to try it out.

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