Cordless Lawn Mower

As you may know, cordless lawn mowers have specific pros and cons. It’s important you understand the strengths and limitations of this kind of mower, so that you may determine whether it’s the kind of gardening tool you need. It will mostly depend on two factors: the size of your lawn and whether you’ll remember to charge your mower before using it. If your lawn isn’t bigger than half an acre, and provided you do remember to plan ahead and charge the battery on the cordless lawn mower before using it, then quite likely the befits of these lawn mowers will outshine the disadvantages.

Advantages of using a cordless lawn mower

At this point, you have probably realized what a cordless lawn mower is, exactly. Quite simply, it’s a lawn mower than runs on rechargeable batteries; that’s actually the first advantage of this type of lawn mower: it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels to work. As such, it makes no pollution, and it’s considerably silent (especially when compared to conventional lawn mowers). In the same way, cordless lawn mowers don’t call for much maintenance, and you won’t have to keep a supply of gas available in order to keep your lawn nicely trimmed around the year. And that’s not all… there are several other advantages which are unique to cordless lawn mowers.

The most obvious advantage of a cordless lawn mower is that you won’t have to be concerned with maneuvering around the cord, or getting a huge extension cord to keep the lawn mower plugged in as you move around the lawn. There are certain other advantages which aren’t quite as obvious; for example, cordless lawn mower are usually heavier than corded electric lawn mowers, which means they are remarkably more stable and easier to operate properly.  Additionally, certain models of cordless lawn mowers include other interesting features, such as the ability to mulching the cut leaves or just bagging them.

Disadvantages of using a cordless lawn mower
Not all is perfect about cordless lawn mowers, of course. And it was mentioned in the beginning of this article, deciding whether this is the right type of lawn mower for you will ultimately depend in the size of your lawn, as well as your lawn cutting habits. For example – if you have a big lawn (larger than half an acre) you will not likely manage trimming all the grass in your lawn, with a single battery charge. This might turn out to be rather inconvenient since the battery will usually take a few hours to recharge, which means you will have to interrupt your lawn mowing half-way through and wait until the batter gets recharged.

Also, cordless lawn mowers won’t be as effective if you tend to let your lawn grass grow out of control. While these lawn mowers will certainly trim overgrown grass… that will strain the battery considerably; so once again in this scenario, you may have to recharge the lawn mower battery in the middle of your task, which may be somewhat off-putting (since it will usually take 12-18 hours to recharge).  Also, while the heavy weight of this type of lawn mower ensure it does a better job clipping your lawn, it also means it’s not too comfortable pushing one of these machines uphill, so you may want to consider that as well.

The battery on these lawn mowers usually holds enough charge for 30 to 60 minutes of continuous operation (although taller grass will strain the battery and drain it considerably quicker), so you can use that as an estimation to evaluate whether a cordless lawn mower would be right for you. You should also keep in mind these batteries usually don’t hold charge for too long, so you can’t just recharge it sporadically… you will usually have to get it recharged in the day you plan to use it – or a few days prior, at most.

Is the cordless lawn mower right for you?
If you have small-to-medium size lawn which is mostly flat, and if you usually take just about half an hour to mow the entire lawn, and especially if you like to keep the grass neatly trimmed (and you seldom ever allow the grass to grow out of proportion) then more than likely you will be very happy getting a cordless lawn mower… especially if you get a model that also mulches fallen leaves as well as cut vegetation.

In such case, you will benefit from significant advantage, as you won’t have to buy a leaf blower or similar device meant for picking fallen leaves. In this case, you’ll just be able to start picking dry leaves while you mow the lawn, without additional trouble. These machines can be highly maneuverable and efficient in this type of lawn, and they will certainly make the job easier provided they can hold enough charge to mow the entire lawn in a single go.

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    I think you’ve made a good point. If your yard is small enough to warrant a battery powered mower then go for it. It’s been my experience that gas-powered mowers tend to be more reliable, but like you said…they are noisy. Many a time I’ve walked outside on a Saturday morning to the sound of multiple mowers going. Good article though. Thanks for posting.

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