Corded Telephone

Ever home should have at least one corded telephone. Even if they seem outdated to some, they really are an essential for daily living. That is because they are reliable and a corded telephone will still work when the power goes out and your cell phone battery is dead.

Most homes these days have a cordless phone but a cordless telephone will not work if the power is out. Cordless phones give you free range around your home but the reception may not be very good in certain areas. The cordless phone may not work if you get to far from the base either. A corded telephone has crystal clear sound quality and is not interrupted by such things as the microwave being used while you are on the phone.

One real advantage of a corded telephone over a cordless phone is the fact that 9-1-1 technology on your landline can trace your call and send help to your home, even if you are not able to speak to the operator. This is a real advantage over VoIP technology or cell phones too, since a lot of the service providers can not be used to make traceable emergency calls to 9-1-1

Almost all businesses prefer to use corded telephones for their communication needs. This is because it is reliable and landlines are secure modes of communication. If they used cordless phones, business phone calls could be picked up by any other radio enabled device like cordless phones, radio transmitters etc. The lack of security is too risky for business to use cordless phones. The corded telephone will ensure business calls are kept private. This concern may not be thought of by the average home owner, but having a corded telephone will ensure their private phone conversations are kept private also.

Corded telephones are extremely inexpensive to buy and there is one that will fit almost every budget. They come with a short cord but if you want a little more range in your room, you can purchase an extension.

Some cool features that come with a new corded telephone are such ones as speed dial, mute, redial and speaker phone. You’ll easily find one that has the option of using caller ID if you add that service to your monthly phone plan. Another feature that you can find on a corded telephone is that of a built in answering machine. This will allow you to not miss important phone messages when you are away from home. You can also use this feature to screen your calls too if you do not have caller ID. Call waiting caller ID is another feature that works with corded telephone usage.

If your corded telephone ever quits working, it is so inexpensive it is not a big deal to replace it. If you are having a problem with the wiring on your landline, you can always call the telephone company who will send out a repair man to fix the problems for you. You may need to add the wiring service plan to your monthly phone plan to get this service at no extra cost though. It may depend on what area you live in or what your telephone company offers.

If you are hearing impaired, there is a device you can get from your corded telephone company to add to your phone so that you can hear easier while talking on your phone. You can adjust the ringer volume too. For older people who can not see as well as they used too, there are corded telephones that have large buttons so they are easier to see. These are just a few of the benefits of having a corded telephone remain in your home or business.

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