Convection Microwave Oven

A convection oven uses the principle of distributing heat evenly throughout the space of the oven. A microwave oven uses superior heating technology that allows food to be cooked faster and at a lower temperature. A recent invention merges both these kinds of ovens. This is the convection microwave oven, which carries the features of both the convection and the microwave oven into a single appliance.

In these devices, the main difference from a traditional oven is that the heat is distributed uniformly and thoroughly throughout the inner space of the oven. Since ovens use different racks, there could be problems such as heat not being distributed uniformly to all the racks. This can be seen when cookie batches are made. Some cookies would brown more and become crisper than the others. Also, when baking cakes, a problem with traditional ovens is that the bottom surfaces of the cakes would become almost burnt while the upper area would be undercooked. A convection microwave oven solves all these problems.

The simple principle is to place small fans in various places so that the heat is distributed uniformly all over. The top of the food is therefore cooked in an equal amount as its bottom. Foods placed on different racks will cook evenly too. As the air is heated, the fans will allow it to move. This will bring cooler air in proximity with the heating element which will then be heated and it also will be allowed to move. In that way, the entire inner space of the convection microwave oven can be heated evenly.

Physically, the convection microwave ovens are bigger than the traditional ovens. Traditional ovens need to be smaller because the heating element has to carry heat to all corners of the oven. With convection microwaves, this is done much more efficiently by using the fans. Due to that, the ovens heat up faster even though they have a bigger space. This is good for the economy as well as the environment because more food can be cooked in a single batch, thus saving time and effort too.

Cooking with convection microwave ovens requires a bit of practice. Because of the principle behind this kind of cooking, the cooking is done much faster. Usually food is cooked 25% faster than it is cooked with traditional ovens. If a normal oven would take 40 minutes to cook something, the convection microwave would do it in 30. Also, the temperature can be maintained at lower values than with usual ovens. Generally, the temperature can be set at 25 degrees lower.

For these reasons, it is said that convection microwave ovens are good for people who are conscious about the environment. They save a lot of energy. Though their initial costs are higher, more and more people are going in for the convection microwave ovens because they are cost-saving in the long run, and can cook food in considerable shorter amounts of time. Simultaneous cooking of different dishes is also possible with these ovens.

When convection microwave ovens were first introduced, they were accepted only by commercial food establishments because of their high costs and the added space that they needed. But now, the popularity of these convection microwave ovens has caught on and most homeowners are also buying them for their cooking needs. Consequently, these ovens today come with some added features, such as child lock and an auto shutoff timer, which are most suited for household cooking. The sizes have also become slightly smaller so that they would fit much more conveniently on a countertop. With the increasing demand in the household market, the prices are also going lower.

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