Condensing Boiler

Condensing boilers are one of the most popular types of central heating boilers found in homes in the United States. The main reason for condensing boilers receiving so much positive attention would be the high efficiency level offered with this type of boiler. Condensing boilers are 80% efficient while the alternatives are as low as 55% efficient. Some condensing boilers are even more than 90% efficient.

What is a Condensing Boiler?
A condensing boiler is an extremely efficient central heating boiler system. The main unique characteristic of this boiler system is that it recovers unused energy via the flue. This is energy that is normally wasted and just sent into the atmosphere. There are three different designs of condensing boilers – regular boilers, combination boilers, and system boilers.

Benefits of Using a Condensing Boiler
The main benefit of using a condensing boiler is the efficiency of the boiler. The higher efficiency level will also offer other benefits such as less wasted energy and more money saved each month. This is possible as condensing boilers are saving energy that does not get used and then using it, as already mentioned.

Conventional boiler systems will just expel extremely hot waste gases to the atmosphere via the system’s flue. This is wasting energy and will also cost you more money as well. The condensing boiler saves this energy by not allowing the temperature to increase too much. This is done by using some of this heat for heating water so you do not need to use as much energy for the burner. The end result of all of this is a more efficient central heating boiler system for your home.

What Type of Condensing Boiler to Use
The correct type of condensing boiler that you should use will depend on your home. If you are living in a small residence then a combination boiler would be preferred. A combination boiler is also best for family homes where hot water is needed at all times and you do not want a hot water delay. If you have a large home or low water pressure then you should lean more towards a regular or system boiler instead.

Regular Boiler
The regular (or open vent) boiler is a central heating system that utilizes hot water cylinders, water tanks, and expansion tanks. There are issues with this type of heater as there can be a hot water delay but this is expected. The combination boiler does not have this issue but there are many circumstances where a regular boiler would be preferred. The regular boiler system uses the conventional boiler design but you can find models with higher efficiency ratings as well.

Combination Boiler
The combination (or combi) boiler has experienced a substantial growth in popularity recently. This type of boiler system is now found in nearly half of all homes in the United Kingdom. The major attraction for this type of boiler is that it eliminates the hot water delay that is common with most central heating systems. You will be able to have instantly hot water at all fixtures throughout your home. The combination boiler design does not use a water tank to hold hot water. This is both more efficient and it allows for instantly hot water. The water heater benefits for a combination boiler can easily compare to the benefits of a tankless point-of-use water heater.

System Boiler
A system (or sealed system) boiler is a heating system that utilizes a hot water cylinder just like the regular boiler design does. The only major difference between the two designs is that there is no water tank being used. The system boiler design is superior to the regular boiler design as it is much more efficient and will save you money. There are also less serious hot water delays with system boilers. If you are in a situation where a combination boiler is not suitable then the system boiler should be your best choice.

There are various types of condensing boilers and the efficiency of each will vary. If you are looking for a good central heating (boiler) system for your home then any type of condensing boiler will be a worthwhile investment. If you would like to convert to a much more efficient model then your best option is a combination boiler. However, this style is not always the best choice so find out ahead of time if you should be using a combination boiler or system boiler in your home.

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