Condenser Dryer

For anyone who washes their clothes at home, having a working clothes dryer is equally important as having a working washing machine. Although clothes can be hung up to dry this is typically done in the warmer months. When the cooler months strike it is not exactly feasible to hang out your laundry to dry. Not to mention clothes that have been hung on a clothes line to dry do not get that soft feeling that clothes fresh out of the dryer have.

There are many types of clothes dryers that can be purchased however deciding on the perfect clothes dryer can be a little challenging especially if you are living somewhere that does not have a ventilated area. Luckily there are dryers that are capable of functioning without an outside air vent. These are called condenser dryers. Condenser dryers are extremely convenient for those who live in an apartment or in an older home that has never been built for dryer ventilation. Condenser dryers are less common and therefore many people have never really heard of them. They can be purchased at many appliance stores although they are not always displayed as often or advertised like the conventional vented dryers typically are. When you enter into an appliance store you may find more electric and gas dryers on display without noticing a condenser dryer at all. This could be because the appliance store does not carry them or they maybe the just do not keep them in stock and instead have them only through special order.

Condenser dryers work just as well as regular dryers do it’s just the way they work that is different. A regular clothes dryer pulls air from the room and turns it into hot air. It then blows it through the clothes, removing the moisture by blowing it out through the vent. In a condenser dryer the air inside the dryer also gets hot it just does not remove the moisture in the same way. Instead of blowing the moisture out through the air, the air is released back into the room and the moisture is collected in a different area of the dryer. This moisture can then be trapped in a separate compartment that can be dumped regularly or it may be disposed of through a hose that shares the same drain the washing machine uses. When choosing your condenser dryer you will need to decide if you will want the option to collect the water and dump it manually or if you want the hose option allowing the dryer to drain the moisture itself.

Condenser dryers can work great for those who are not able to use a conventional dryer. Although they are more convenient in some cases they are not necessarily any more efficient or cost effective. They are pretty comparable with regular clothes dryers when it comes to performance, and efficiency. Just like any other type of dryer, gas or electric, condenser dryers also come in a broad range of models. Some offer more features then others and there are a variety of sizes as well. You may find that condenser dryers also come in several different price ranges which allows you to pick one that works for you and your situation. If you are interested in purchasing a condenser dryer you may want to contact your local appliance stores to see if they carry them. You may have to order your condenser dryer from a retailer since they are not in as high of a demand as regular vented clothes dryers are.

Once you have purchased your new condenser dryer you will be able to dry your clothes just as you would with a conventional clothes dryer. Just because you live in a home that does not have dryer vent does not mean that you have to go without the convenience of freshly dried clothes.

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