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Almost without fail, the speakers that come with your computer will not be of good quality. There are all kinds of qualities to consider when shopping for a speaker set for your computer, and these include budget, amount of sound, sound quality, physical space for the speakers, and more. Make sure you do your research when it comes to prices and specials.

Most technology editors at this field suggest the following as leading speaker sets for your personal computer:

The Logitech Z-2300 is praised for it’s exceptional sound quality, an adapter for gaming devices and a sleek design. However, critics are quick to point out that satellites that point straight up are nonadjustable and the cables are hardwired. Despite these drawbacks, the Logitech Z-2300 are considered the most solid set of 2.1 speakers around. Comes with remote control and headphone option.

The M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 is a large speaker system that is huge on sound. The amount of space that it takes up could turn off some consumers, however this speaker set is a good choice for serious music appreciators out there. These speakers, superior in sound quality to most computer speaker sets, is a most for those who listen to lots of music, plays games and watches movies and/or television on their computers. The M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 also works well with iPod docks, digital audio devices and CD players.

The Harman/Kardon SoundSticks II offers really crystallized audio quality, a minijack connector that can work on any platform and a design that stands out above the rest. However, this speaker set lacks a headphone jack and there is no way to visually see where you are at volumewise.

The Creative GigaWorks T40 PC Multimedia Speakers are considered flashy in design with easy access to volume, bass and treble controls. There is a headphone jack, as well as an option to plug in your iPod dock. These speakers sit real all, which could be a turnoff for some consumers, and th power lights are unusually bright. One more drawback is that there is no subwoofer compatibility. Still, the Creative GigaWorks T40 PC is another good choice for those who like big sound. The best part about these abnormally tall speakers is that they won’t take up much space but will provide a huge audio bang for your buck when it comes to music, gaming and DVD/TV viewing.

The Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass FX3022 is known for its savvy design, built-in subwoofers that provide good base, making it a good choice for gamers and movie viewers as opposed to music listeners. There is no remote, and the treble is described as “aggressive” and “brash.” The Altec Lansing Expressionist Bass FX3022 is best known for the amount of space it can cram into such a small amount of space.

The Logitech Z-5 are considered a good value and is a platform-neutral choice that allows USB connectability. There is a remote control, and there are options for connecting the speakers to devices other than your computer. The sound is about par, but it’s got a straightforward design and fair pricing.

Other notable computer speakers include:

  • Logitech Z-10: These speakers are considered very design savvy and are very space efficient. They work well with most Window-based media players. Be sure to check for compatibility with your platform before diving into this speaker set.
  • Yamaha NX-A01: This set has a very simplistic design and basic audio quality. Not for those who crave to break glass. A good choice for the novice, or someone just looking for a solid and basic set of speakers.
  • Logitech Z4: This member of the Logitech dynasty is considered a better version of the Z- in the areas of design and sound quality. It’s considered a fair model, but if you’re going with Logitech, may as well go with the Logitech Z-2300.
  • Parrot Bluetooth Sound System: This set is costly, but it is considered a solid wireless speaker set that is both attractive and capable of streaming aidio from Bluetooth phones, computers, iPods, and more. Definitely one of the more cutting-edge of computer speakers discussed here. If you don’t even know what Bluetooth is, this probably isn’t the speaker set for you.

When shopping for a set of computer speakers, keep in mind the following advices:

  • The most inexpensive and no-name option is probably not the best choice. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Along the same lines, however, there are many a good affordable options out there, so don’t feel like you have to spend a load of money to get a good speaker set. Ultimately, your budget will serve as your guide.
  • Tastes vary. People’s senses of sound vary, as do musical tastes. The guy who digs Mozart and Chopin probably isn’t going to crave the same set of speakers as the Def Leopard and Whitesnake fans. And that’s not even taking into account the gamers and movie buffs.
  • When listening to speakers during a test run (and yes, a test run is mandatory!), be listening for tonal balance. Voices and instruments should sound like they are real, with no exaggerations or mutations.
  • Bass is the next thing you will want to notice. There will probably be a subwoofer for the lower tones since the speakers aren’t large enough to achieve this effect, and you need to make sure the subwoofer blends well with the other speakers. The subwoofer shouldn’t stand out and in fact, the satellite speakers should appear like they are making the bass sounds.
  • The final thing you need to listen for is how the speakers fill the space with sound. This is known as imaging, and the result mirrors that of a sound stage, providing an impressive mix of sound from left to right, from ceiling to floor. The best way to experience imaging is with your eyes closed and with a good recording. Proper set-up is key to this working, however.
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