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Many people complain about the quality of their computer microphones. Usually the problem is on the user’s end though as most people do not know which microphone are best. There is also a lot of information about recording tips that people should read up on as well. If you put some research into various models of computer microphones you should be able to find a high quality microphone.

If you just go out and buy a cheap microphone at a local department store then do not expect high quality. The technology behind cheap microphones available now is pretty much the same as it was ten years ago. For a high quality computer microphone you could easily spend over $50 and these are just for simple usage. If you want a microphone that works with your computer for recording music or high quality audio, then you could spend hundreds or even thousands.

Choosing the Right Computer Microphone
The main factor to how much you will be spending on a computer microphone, besides your budget, is what you plan to use it for. If you just want to use the microphone while on Skype or various other similar programs and/or web sites, then an inexpensive microphone will work. If you are looking for a computer microphone to use while gaming then you may prefer a headset but either way the prices will vary by model but they are generally mid-priced.

However, if you are looking for a high quality computer microphone for studio quality recording then you will be spending quite a bit. For around $300 you could get a decent microphone that could be used to record audio and some music. Also keep in mind that the type of music will play a role in the price you should expect to pay. For example, a microphone for rap music would be significantly less than a microphone used to record band music. Of course, this is only speaking of when you are dealing with the mid-high quality microphones.

Type of Microphone
When buying a computer microphone you will also have to consider what type of microphone you are purchasing. For gaming purposes, a headset microphone would be recommended. However, if you are going to be buying a free standing computer microphone then you will need to know a bit about these devices.

Free Standing Computer Microphone
A free standing computer microphone is typically a reliable enough microphone for simply audio conversations over the computer. You can also record audio at an audible quality with a free standing microphone. Obviously you could convert an extremely high quality microphone into a free standing computer microphone, but we are specifically looking at the microphones packaged as free standing.

There are various benefits to a free standing microphone. While in use they can be easily moved around to make recording easier and they are designed to be flexible in most cases. During recording they are also very convenient as you can move the microphone out of the way while coughing or talking to someone in your home. This is very beneficial as with a headset it is rather difficult to stop from recording yourself coughing or speaking with someone in your room.

A free standing microphone also is better for sound control in regards to how far you are from the microphone. With a headset device you are always close to the microphone and in some cases it can record the audio too loud. To keep the quality perfect, a free standing microphone would be beneficial as you can modify the sound level by moving the microphone (or yourself) slightly closer or further away.

There are many factors that should be considered when buying a computer microphone. If you just want to purchase one for a simple one-on-one conversation with someone, then an inexpensive microphone will be convenient. If you are looking for a microphone for gaming then a little research may be needed to get the best deal possible. However, if you are looking for a studio computer microphone then you will need to take a lot into consideration and do ample research before making a purchase.

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