Computer Keyboard

The computer keyboard is a necessary component of any computer. It performs certain important tasks for your computer. A computer keyboard has both internal and external parts. Some common keyboards are used by people today are the 101-key enhanced keyboard, 104-key windows keyboard, Apple’s 82-key standard keyboard and their 108-key extended keyboard.

The internal parts of a computer keyboard include a processor that understands the key matrix and where the keys are positioned in the key matrix. The key matrix us underneath the keys that are on the outside and it is a grid of circuits. The circuits are broken under each key so that when the key is press, the circuit is bridged and a small current of electricity flows through it. The processor monitors the circuit matrix. If more than one key at a time is pressed, the processor will find the location of the closed circuits on the character map inside its ROM and it can tell if the user meant to press both keys or not. If the user continually holds down a certain key, the processor knows that they want the character to be repeatedly sent to the computer. There are also several different kinds of switches that a computer keyboard uses.

The external parts of a computer keyboard are very easily seen. They are the typing keys, function keys, control keys and the numeric keypad. The typing keys are the alphabet keys and they look very similar to the ones found on a typewriter. You find the numeric keypad on the right hand side of they typing keys. They are the ones with numbers on them. The numeric keys are laid out like a calculator. The numeric keypad also has the direction keys, page up and page down keys, math keys, period key and enter key. You will find the function keys at the top of the keyboard and they extend all the way across the computer keyboard. They are the ones that have specific commands assigned to them. The control keys can be found located in the middles of the typing keys and the numeric keypad. These keys are for home, delete, page up and down, end, insert and control, alt and escape. Some computer keyboards will have other keys that perform other tasks.

The processor on the computer keyboard can process up to 30 characters per second. When using a computer keyboard, people like to have an audible and tactile response to it. This is what you hear and feel when you are using the computer keyboard. The processor will analyze the key matrix and determine which character is to be sent to the computer when the keys are pressed. It uses several connections to do this. Some of the connections are the -pin DIN connector, the 6-pin IBM PS/2 connector, the 4-pin USB connector or an internal connector. They contain a connecting cable that is used to power the computer keyboard and it also carries data between the keyboard and computer. Modern keyboards decipher and transmit data very fast.

New technology has made it possible nowadays for us to use wireless keyboards. They have no add-in cords or conducting wires but they do use AA batteries. A wireless keyboard can usually be operational up to 30 feet away from the computer. A wireless computer keyboard uses an infrared frequency beam to transfer the date to the computer. The advantage to using a wireless computer keyboard is that you do not have wires connected to it so you can move the keyboard to various locations in the room. A wireless mouse can also be used with a wireless computer keyboard for greater flexibility.

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