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Computers and the internet have made it possible to listen to music, watch videos, play games, and talk with others almost anywhere. However, doing all this is very difficult without the right equipment. The computer headset is one of the most popular accessories sold today, but choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. Even the type of microphone and the shape of the ear cushions needs to be considered. It’s also hard to know if a computer headset will be suitable without trying it out first, since audio quality varies widely between different models.

A computer headset is ideal for listening to music, podcasts, and videos without disturbing other people. It’s also good for blocking out background noise in crowded places, such as internet cafes. Using a computer headset is the preferred way to talk over the internet because it prevents the feedback that occurs when using desktop speakers. People can talk to others over the internet using chat services such as Windows Live Messenger, or they can make phone calls with VOIP services such as Skype. They can even talk while playing video games on a computer, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, or PlayStation 3.

The type of speakers fitted to a computer headset is critical to the quality of its sound. Tiny earphones that fit inside the ear are discrete and good at blocking out noise but they are too small to produce full-range sound. Large speakers that sit outside the ear are much better at producing a deep bass, but even they do not come close to matching the bass produced by a woofer. For the best quality sound, choose large speakers that have neodymium magnet drivers. Smaller speakers and earphones are fine when they are used for talking, but it’s when they play music that their limitations become more noticeable.

The shape of the earphones or ear cushions is another important feature of a computer headset. When earphones are used, the silicone inserts must fit tightly inside the ear canals, otherwise they will not work well because noise will get past them and reach the ears. Most earphones come with a set of inserts of various sizes, and replacement sets are widely available. To avoid numbness in the ears when using speakers, the cushions should be large enough to go around them and rest on the side of the head. Also, cushions that sit on the ears can cause irritation and even skin problems if they are not wiped regularly.

By definition, a computer headset also has a microphone, otherwise it’s only a headphone. The type of microphone is just as important as the type of speakers. The best one to get is a directional microphone that picks up sound from only one direction. This helps to improve sound quality for the listener and keep background noise to a minimum. The location of the microphone should not be too far away from the mouth. A flexible boom is much better than a fixed boom for setting the right distance, but it’s usually only found on the expensive models. Some models with earphones may have an inline microphone built into the volume control unit on the cable.

A computer headset should have a long cable to allow the listener a bit of extra freedom. A wired model will have either two 3.5mm audio plugs or a USB plug. Of course, a wireless model has no cable at all, but the computer will need a wireless adapter if it does not already have one. The best wireless models have rechargeable lithium batteries that last for several hours. Some models have a volume control unit which comes in handy when the volume has to be changed frequently. A padded sleeve around the headband is good to have, and a carry case comes in handy for earphones. Finally, consider the size and weight of the computer headset if it will be worn for an extended time.

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