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If you are into building your own computers, you know how important the computer case is. It will house your motherboard, CPU, video cards, hard drives and optical drives. Most of them are made out of aluminum or steel, but there are a few that are made out of plastic. They can vary in category, size and purpose and design. Some are unique looking while others are the usual standard size and shape.

Since computers generate a lot of heat, a cheap case is not the best choice you can make. You will need to purchase a computer case that will effectively dissipate the heat. You must insure that you have adequate airflow so that all of your computer parts will not overheat. You will want to have a larger fan in your case to cool the parts easier. Get a case that will allow a 120mm fan in the back of the case.

Consider getting a computer case that has side air vents. They are usually right above the CPU and will allow fresh cool air in right near the CPU, which helps it to stay cool. Computer cases that have the vent in the front means that the air will have to pass by the hard drives, moving the warm air from them straight to your CPU. If you are looking at the newer cases, you will notice that they have vents for your graphics card too.

Noise is another consideration. A cheap computer case does not muffle the sound. If you have a good computer case, you computer will be less noisy. Installing a larger fan in it will also mean it will be quieter than if it has a smaller, less efficient fan.

You will obviously want a computer case that looks cool too. There are ugly cases and unique designs. Find one that appeals to you. The choices are unlimited. Aside from looking great, a better case will afford easier upgrades in the future. Some people want to have lighting effects in their computer case. It is not hard to add lighting effects. A light stick can be easily plugged into the power supply. You can find them online or in a computer supply store.

You can find computer cases that will give you easy, tool-less installation abilities. This makes for easy access and easier upgrades and such. Also look for front USB slots and audio ports. Having the slots in the front are a lot easier than having to find them in the back when you want to plug in a USB device like a flash drive or mp3 player.

Here’s another feature to look for in a computer case, a side window panel. These are great for computer geeks who like to look inside their case. One note of caution however, the plastic window can cause a vibration noise and will not allow for as much sound muffling from your computer working inside.

One thing to avoid is a side fan. You may think that the more fans there are the better for your computer. However, it can interrupt the air flow or suck air out. This is turn can make your CPU fan work harder. Avoid the problem all together and avoid the side fan option. Air filters can cause a problem with air flow also. It is better to just open your case and vacuum out the dust every other month or so.

You can find a computer case at hundreds of online stores or you can order one from a catalogue. The types of designs you can find a case for are Mid Tower, Full Tower, MicroATX, Mini Towers and Desktop Cases.

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  1. My favorite brand of computer cases are the Apevia brand cases, more specifically, the Apevia Xpleasure full tower case with a side window. The full tower case has plenty of expansion slots and bays to accommodate plenty of drives and add-in cards, plus it stays nice and cool with the included 4 fans (120mm output in rear, 2 80mm input in front and 1 80mm fan in the side window).

    It has a front panel display with temperature gauge, case fan percentage gauge and case fan control knob.
    The front panel display and fans are lighted with blue cathode and is a very appealing case. I have the silver case but it is also available in black.

    It has 2 front USB ports and 1 1394 firewire port.

    I have had it for 2+ years and it has been a great computer case. The cost was around $120.00 but it has a 500w power supply that was included.

    To see my review of this case, visit the Best Brand PC Hardware lens.

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