Compact Washers & Dryers

These days condos are everywhere, we’re all downsizing and many people don’t live in a single family home anymore. In fact more and more people are living in smaller spaces. And with these smaller spaces comes the need for compact washers and dryer.

A compact washer and dryer are designed to fit into tinier spaces that the typical single family home once provided. In fact it’s amazing how small these devices can get. In many vintage apartment rehabs the washer and dryer have to fit into a small closet or some other small nook or cranny in the kitchen or bathroom. It’s ingenious what the engineers have thought up, allowing small condo owners the ability to have a washer and a dryer in their unit. This of course allows them the luxury of not having drag their laundry up and down stairs to the laundry room.

Even some modern apartment building are now featuring in unit washer and dryer, however older high rises may not have the plumbing to make it all possible. If you live in an older high rise then you’re going to have to live with the laundry room most likely, sorry to say. However most condo buildings and townhomes will have an in-unit washer and dryer available.

There are basically two different types of small, compact washers & dryer, you’ve got the stackable washer and dryer and you have the washer and dryer combo. Both are great and work well, but most people think that the stackable ones are slightly better because they do tend to be larger. However, the truth is that sometimes a unit will only be able to fit a combo unit. Don’t worry the combo units do a surprisingly good job of both washing and drying our clothes.

The name of the game when it comes to smaller washers and dryers is of course saving on space, but it’s also saving on water and saving on energy costs as well. In many areas of the country and around the world water is getting more and more expensive, and, of course, we’re all doing our part to try and contribute to conserving the environment. You can do both with a compact washer/dryer until. They save on space, water, and on energy. All of these newer models are extremely efficient and conserve a ton of energy, which also helps to bring down the electric bill at the end of the month too, which is a nice bonus.

If you’re living in an apartment building and you have the right plumbing to make it work you may ask your landlord if you can install a portable washer/dryer until, these will tend to be combination models but stackables can also be portable. It’s a good investment and when you buy a home you can bring it with you.

GE makes very good compact washers & dryer units, for example the GE WSM2700WWW stackable model is very reliable, energy efficient and affordable. You can pick one up new for around $1000, perhaps a little more. This model has 3 wash cycles and 4 dry cycles and variable water levels so that you can save even more on water costs if you’re doing smaller loads of laundry.

Bosch and Whirlpool are also good options, and will having varying price points for varying models. All the top brands seem to be able to compete with their competitors on pricing and all will have similar features and models The Bosch Vision 300 27 inch washer and dryer is stackable and will run around $1500 retail, it runs on electricity, however you can opt to run the dryer off of gas for a small additional fee.

At the end of the day compact washers & dryer units are perfect for the urban dweller and those you don’t have a lot of space. You can buy them portable, stackable, and combo and if you buy a nice newer model you’ll have it for many years. Be sure to look into warranties because you don’t want any trouble down the line.

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