Compact Microwave Ovens

Every household requires an oven to cook wholesome meals that enrich their lives with nutritional value and healthy baked food. After all, we eat to live a healthy lifestyle that keeps us fit and energetic. However, cooking food takes a lot of time and therefore a ‘compact microwave oven’ can be of great use to the average households as it cooks food safely, easily and quickly. A microwave oven was originally invented by Dr. Perry Spencer in the 1940’s and nowadays, 90% of households within the western world have at least one installed.

A compact microwave oven, which is mostly known for its portability, small size and can be fixed up on the countertop, are the smallest sizes of microwave oven’s available for consumers today. Compact microwave ovens are very popular nowadays because they take less space and are easy to move from place-to-place compared to a regular oven. Though these ovens are mostly stored within the kitchen, students can even use it within their dorm rooms or they can even be installed within offices and apartments. Many people use these ‘mini-microwave’ ovens, as they are often known, while camping or even in boats.

A typical ‘compact’ is generally 12 inches tall, 18 inches wide and 14 inches deep or less. Generally, these ovens consume around 500 to 1000 WATTS in microwave power and measure around 1 cubic foot or even less in capacity though specific models do offer 4-5 cubic foot of inside capacity. Each compact microwave oven has two fundamental sections such as the ‘control section’ and the ‘high-voltage section’. The control section mainly governs the power output, protection devices and the electronic timer used for setting time-frames to cook food. The ‘high-voltage section’ transforms house-voltage to high-voltage which is further converted into microwave energy.

If you’re looking for a quick snack like a box-full of popcorns or wish to reheat already baked pizzas, compact microwave ovens are ideal and are primarily used for the same. Many current models of a ‘compact microwave oven’ offer shortcuts which have special popcorn settings for cooking popcorn in no time apart from warming, melting and softening other types of food easier than ever. A ‘compact’ generally has a turntable which even provides heating.

Most of these models have an interior light with an LCD/LED display. Not only that, these ovens can auto-defrost food by weight facility with ease. Other than that, these ovens have a variety of ‘cooking options’ to cook food the way a person would like it to be baked and also have a variety of options for ‘reheating’ cooked food. Thus, these ovens can even be programmed to work in a customized way a person wants them to work as they have a feature called ‘programmed settings’ which works at a touch of a single button. Not only that, they also have a variety of automatic settings that make your life smarter than ever as one does not need to monitor the process of cooking food. A time saver indeed!

One must remember that these ovens are not suitable for high-end cooking as ‘caramelization’, ‘browning’ and various other ‘flavor-enhancing reactions’ cannot take place within them due to temperature limitations. Due to its low power consumption, these ovens take longer than normal ovens to cook food and can only bake meals for one plate. As these type of ovens do not have the capacity to cook large amounts of food, they are highly suitable for ‘light cooking’ and cost less than US$ 100.00 or 50 UK Sterling pounds. Compact microwave ovens from companies like Sharp, Sanyo, Toastmaster, Haier and Hamilton are widely sought for across the globe. Many models even offer verbal commands with language option such as English / French and are ideal for student usage.

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