Compact Iron

The difference between a compact iron and a regular iron is very simple; a compact iron has a fold down handle making it easy for storage or for packing. They are a bit smaller than regular irons and they are much more durable. Like other irons, the compact irons have settings such as steam and press. Some types of iron are just steam irons; these commonly have three settings, vertical, burst and constant. Making a compact iron just as good if not better than a regular iron.

Compact irons often come with a travel pouch for better security of the iron. These compact irons are durable and reliable. They will give you a great looking garment as if you were using a regular iron. Some people actually take their irons when they go on vacation. These irons are small enough to fit in a suitcase without all of the bulky and bulging shapes that go along with it. They use regular outlets without any special plugs. They are like regular irons but smaller.

Some of the biggest names in the housewares industries have come out with their own version of the compact iron such as Conair, Rowenta and Hamilton Beach. These companies are well-respected companies that only produce high quality products. Most compact irons are very inexpensive and start at $ 20.00 and the highest is about $ 75.00. But the average price is around $ 29.99.

These irons are not special iron; you can find them in most stores like Macy’s, Kmart and Target. If you shop around you will get the best prices with quality name brand items. Try reading Consumer Reports; this is an online report of where consumers write reviews about every day products. You can read what other people thought of the products that you are thinking of buying.

There is a section for housewares and appliances, find the model and brand you are looking for and see if that model has been reviewed. You won’t find all of the items that you are looking for there but you may find what products to stay away from. There are review sites all over the web, if you search long enough you will find a compact iron review site that may be able to let you know if the product you are looking for is worth the money.

Often when we travel we know that hotels have irons, all you have to do is call the desk and they will send you up one. But you never know how good an iron it actually is. So many people will often bring their own irons but they take up way too much room in the suitcase. So they shop around for a compact iron. These will fold down easily and with the travel pouch you can keep them discreetly in your suitcase.

Now when you go on vacation you can have your own iron to make sure that your clothes look their best when on vacation or maybe on a business trip and you want to look your best. If you always try to cram your big hulking iron into a suitcase, stop and shop for a compact iron. You will be amazed that these irons work as great as a regular iron.

Shop around for the best prices and the best deals that you can find on a compact iron. There is a wide variety to choose from that have a many great features. These compact irons make great gifts to people who travel a lot either on vacation or on business. Next time you are in a houseware section of a store, take a look a compact iron and keep it in mind next time you are planning a trip out of town.

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