Compact Dishwashers

The modern compact dishwasher is efficient and has all the features of a standard dishwasher. When a standard 24 inch dishwasher will not fit in a small kitchen there are other options now. You can get a compact dishwasher to go in a small apartment, a mobile home or RV. Some cabins and guest apartments also have a compact dishwasher in them now too. A compact dishwasher may take up less space in your kitchen, but it will be able to provide you with the convenience you need in an automatic dishwasher.

The 18 inch dishwasher is available for kitchens with tight spaces. However, this may be the most expensive option when choosing a compact dishwasher except for one other option that will be discussed below. Some 18 inch dishwashers can cost as much as $450. Kenmore, Danby, Equator, Haier and Frigidaire all make an 18 inch dishwasher model. These models are usually portable dishwashers that you can move around your kitchen on wheels. When you operate them they must be hooked up to your kitchen faucet with a special hose. These compact dishwashers usually have a countertop built on the top of them so you can use them for extra counter space in your kitchen.

A countertop dishwasher is one compact dishwasher that sits on top of the kitchen counter. You also attach this kind to your sink faucet with a hose. This is one of the smallest compact dishwashers you can buy. You can only wash 4 place settings of dishes at one time in them. This kind of dishwasher looks very much like a microwave you have sitting on the kitchen counter. The main drawback is that this type will take up already limited counter space in a small kitchen. Many seniors and singles living alone will have a dishwasher of this type. This is not a good dishwasher to have for families with many children. A compact dishwasher is perfect for someone who does not have large dish loads to do every day. They are also very economical to use. You use less power to wash dishes in this type of dishwasher than you would otherwise use by hand washing them.

A new type of compact dishwasher is on the market is the KitchenAid Briva In-sink Dishwasher. This one is the most expensive compact dishwasher on the market and sells for around $1700. This dishwasher uses innovative technology and is the first of its kind to fit in a 42 or 46 inch cabinet. It looks like a double stainless steel sing only one side is the dishwasher and the other side looks like the sink is covered. Underneath the covered sink part is a fully functional compact dishwasher. It is 14 inches deep and will wash up to 5 place settings at a time. This compact dishwasher is amazingly useful for very small kitchens and very easy to use. You lift the top cover up and load it from the top. It has four cleaning cycles. It has a 2 minute rinse cycle. This little dishwasher completes a full wash cycle in a short 18 minutes. When it is finished the lid automatically pops up to allow steam to escape so the dishes dry faster. If you remove the racks inside it can be used as a double sink. The Brivia has an integrated control panel and uses “Whisper Quiet” technology. With all the options we have now for compact dishwashers there is no excuse not to have one anymore. All new homes and apartments are built with a dishwasher in the kitchen. For older homes with smaller kitchens it is easy now to add an aftermarket compact dishwasher without even remolding.

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