Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping carpets clean are important. Whether they are in your home or in an office building, all carpets need to be vacuumed regularly to keep dirt, debris and dust from accumulating inside the carpet fibers. Without clean carpets our homes or offices can look dingy and dirty. We can also suffer from severe allergy problems if the allergens inside the carpets are not eliminated and pulled out with a vacuum often enough.

When it comes to purchasing a vacuum for your home or for commercial use you may be surprised at the differences in the types of vacuums that are sold. Vacuums that are typically used in the home have certain features that may apply to cleaning a house where as the commercial style vacuums offer different features for cleaning all types of areas. Generally the commercial vacuum cleaners are built a little sturdier than the vacuums you purchase for cleaning your homes. This is because commercial vacuum cleaners need to be able to clean large areas at a time and work around all sorts of furniture and equipment.

You will find that commercial vacuum cleaners typically have a very strong suction power and are made a little more powerful in order to lift heavy dirt from carpets. With the constant traffic that carpets get in a commercial environment, the vacuum cleaner needs to be built to pull dirt from deep down inside the carpet fibers. Commercial vacuum cleaners are often built to transition easily from carpets to all types of flooring in order to clean any type of floor that may be installed throughout the entire building.

Usually you will notice that commercial vacuums have a metal base and are quite a bit heavier than a household vacuum will be. This adds to their sturdiness and allows them to do tough cleaning jobs. It prevents them from becoming easily damaged and helps them have a longer life than some of the vacuums that are made from other lighter weight materials. They may also have really long power cords so they can be used without needing to be plugged in repeatedly during one cleaning session. With some power cords reaching over 70 feet you will have the ability to cover a lot of space without having to remove your power cord from the outlet.

For small office spaces you may choose to purchase a cheaper small commercial style vacuum that comes with only a few extras. You may even be able to purchase an everyday household vacuum if your office space is small. However if you are looking to clean a large building with high traffic areas then you definitely want to get one of the heavy duty commercial vacuums on the market. There are all types of commercial vacuums to choose from so looking around and searching for the type that suits your needs the best is recommended. You may even opt for a commercial wet/ dry vacuum that is able to clean up all sorts of messes. It really depends on the environment that the vacuum cleaner will be used in.

Just like any thing else that you can purchase, commercial vacuum cleaners come in many different brands, styles and prices. Before purchasing a commercial vacuum cleaner you should always take into consideration how often it will be used, where it will be used and what exactly it will be used to clean. If you know your commercial vacuum will need to be able to clean carpets of all types along with hard flooring then you will want a vacuum capable of adjusting to different floor levels. Choosing the right commercial vacuum cleaner can help you feel confident that the carpets in your work environment are clean just like your home.

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