Combi Boiler

A combi (combination) boiler is a heating system worth considering if you are about to invest in a new heating system for your home. Combi boilers have grown exponentially in popularity over the last few years. They are becoming especially common in homes located in the United Kingdom. Roughly half of the condensing boilers that are implemented into homes each year in the United Kingdom feature the combination design.

Combi boilers are very energy efficient and can be an effective heat source for your home. The boiler can also be used as a water heater as well, which is very beneficial. A combi boiler is also very durable and you should not have to replace it very often. The estimated life span of a combi boiler is roughly 15 years.

Benefits of a Combi Boiler

There are numerous reasons why a combi boiler is a good investment. The most obvious would be the energy efficiency factor which can end up saving you money. In comparison to older designs of boilers, the energy efficiency rating of the combi boiler is improved by at least forty percent.

The actual efficiency rating of a combi boiler will vary by model. They are typically graded with a lettering system. The optimal investment would be a combi boiler with an “A” rating as it is the most efficient of all. This would be one of the higher end units and may be more expensive but it is also more beneficial as well.

Another great advantage of using a combi boiler is that you are heating your home and water, not just one or the other. This is all done within the combination system so you can provide a full supply of instantly hot water to the fixtures throughout your home. The combi boiler could be installed in a small area and be easily hidden. Not all combi boilers are this compact and convenient though. Also, when you purchase a combi boiler it will come with a timer and thermostat. This allows you to have full control on the heat being dispatched from the combi boiler.

Using a Combi Boiler

A combi boiler is used similar to a Point-of-Use water heater for a few reasons. The most obvious would be that it will heat the water up inside the boiler. This ultimately removes the need for having an additional water tank placed somewhere else. When you have a hot water tank that is far from the fixture it can cause a hot water delay. This will end up costing you money and it will also make you have to wait to get hot water. This also means that you have a limited supply of hot water. Instead, if you have a combi boiler it will give an unlimited supply of hot water. The water is heated in the combi boiler right before going to the fixture.

If you are going to use a combi boiler then you will need to get it professionally installed. This will require you to hire a heating engineer with sufficient experience in the field. You should not try to install the combi boiler by yourself as it is a very difficult task. You want to make sure the system is installed safely so there are no possible complications in the future.

A combi boiler can be a very useful heating source for your home. You have the advantage of heating both your home and water with the same system. This is a design which will patch a few common issues with other heating sources. There are still some disadvantages to using a combi boiler so you may want to read more on them.

If you are thinking about making a combi boiler an addition to your home then it would be a good idea. Make sure you look into the better brands or models before making an investment so you get the best deal possible. Also, do not forget about how the energy efficiency rating system works.

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