Coffee Press

A coffee press, also known as the French press, is a very traditional device to make coffee that is still in popular use today. This device is a purely mechanical device, requiring no electrical supply or any other source of energy to power it. The device is mainly used to brew coffee, though it can also be used to make tea.

The device is shaped like a cylindrical jug with a lid and a dispenser at the top for the prepared coffee to flow out. It has a lid with a rod passing through it. At the other end of the rod, and inside the cylinder, is a circular disk which fits snugly into the circumference of the cylinder. This disk has a mesh on its surface. This is the plunger device that is the main feature of the coffee press. With a metal handle fitted to the outer end of the rod, the plunger can be moved in and out.

The method of making coffee with the French press is a very basic method. Water is externally boiled first. At the same time, the requisite amount of coffee is put into the cylinder, with its plunger removed. The coffee sits at the bottom of the cylinder. When the water is completely boiled, it is poured into the open cylinder of the coffee press while it is still boiling. The lid is then fitted so that the disk of the plunger is above the level of water in the coffee press. It must not be immersed in the coffee at this point.

The coffee press is allowed to stand in this condition for a few minutes, depending on how much time the person needs to brew the coffee. During this time, the coffee will be brewed into the boiling water. When an adequate amount of brewing is done, the plunger is pressed so that the disk settles to the bottom of the cylinder. The purpose of doing this is to trap the coffee powder at the bottom of the cylinder. Meanwhile, the liquid part of the coffee will escape from the mesh as the plunger is pressed and will come on top of it. The coffee is then simply poured into a container and consumed.

One of the main reasons why people still use the coffee press is because it can provide very strong coffee. Due to the fact that the coffee press allows the coffee powder and the boiling water to remain in direct contact for a longer time, more coffee is extracted into the water and the coffee becomes stronger. That is the reason people who are using a coffee press for the first time are advised to use lesser coffee grounds or beans and brew for a lesser time than they are used to doing with other methods.

Many variations of the coffee press are available today. There are various sizes available, some of which also find applications in commercial establishments. There are also many travel versions available. Coffee presses make for ideal travel companions because their shape is very self-contained, they do not require any kind of power supply for their usage and they can be carried easily.

There are some contentions about using a coffee press in recent times. Health experts have advised against using coffee presses time and again because of the fact that they do not prepare filter coffee and make very strong coffee. Hence, the amounts of caffeine in these coffees are high. Also, because the coffee brewed with a coffee press is unfiltered, it has a chance to pose a health risk by increasing the levels of harmful cholesterol in people.

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