Coffee Percolator

There is no other aroma that could give you a quick boost in the morning than the scent of coffee. Instant coffees would definitely give you a kick. But of course, nothing beats the whiff of a freshly brewed coffee. You can almost instantly get a small or big cup of fresh coffee from some popular shops. They usually serve brewed coffee but it could be really quite expensive. It would probably take at least one-fourth of your monthly budget.

So why spend a lot of your money when you can actually brew fresh coffee in your own kitchen. And this is not about a huge kitchen tool that would cost you a lot of money. Just by using a pot called the coffee percolator, you may easily brew coffee for everyone in the house.

The coffee percolator or popularly known as the caffettiera among Italians is a pot that is mainly used for brewing coffee. The name of this brewing pot came from the term percolate or to penetrate. When brewing a coffee through a coffee percolator, the water will serve as the solvent. It will eventually penetrate through the coffee beans or coffee grounds so that it would create the chemical compounds which would give the coffee its sweet smelling aroma, invigorating taste, and its color.

Most of the percolators can be purchased with a small pan that serves as its heat source that you must plug in electricity. But usually, this type of percolator is usually made from two durable materials. The interior is made from stainless steel while the exterior is made from high-quality and heat-resistant plastic to give the coffee percolator a sleek look. This type of coffee percolator is usually found in hotel rooms so that guests could easily brew their coffee. More often than not, guests just use this as a water heater for their instant noodles, oatmeal, and alike.

But there are also some coffee percolator models that you can use anywhere as long there is a heat source. These are the traditional coffee percolators and can be placed on top of a stove, gas range, or even in an open fire. This model is perfect for home use and even for those who love camping outdoors. Not only that this product is portable but durable as well. Since it can be used and taken anywhere, manufacturers see to it that only high quality material is used. Most of the parts of this type of coffee percolator are made from stainless steel so it can withstand even the most intense heat. Best of all, the handle is made from different material that would allow you to take the hot coffee percolator from the heat source without burning your hands. Usually it has plastic handles that are unaffected by the temperature of the coffee percolator.

While many people are enthusiastic about the functionality of the coffee percolators, coffee brewers and fanatics are not so fond of this kitchen appliance. They said that these coffee percolators are violating the rules in brewing coffee. They claim that the real process of brewing a coffee must not over extract the flavor and the oils of the coffee beans. Unfortunately, this is something that the coffee percolators do during the whole brewing process. Aside from that, percolators also allow the people to reheat the remaining coffee contents. If you want to get the best flavor out of the coffee, you must brew it once and not reheat it. Just maintain the coffee at a warm temperature until someone drinks it.

On the other hand, there are still thousands of people who choose this kitchen tool than the other kinds of coffee makers. They said that it allows them to get all the flavors of the coffee grounds until it becomes tasteless. They said that it is more invigorating and an effective source of oomph when they need to stay awake.

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